LPL Week 6: Top 3 Picks for Each Role

Here is my top picks for LPL week 6. Ekko has entered the jungle priority list this week. Top #1 Ryze #2 Hecarim #3 Maokai Ryze controls the current top lane.

Here is my top picks for LPL week 6. Ekko has entered the jungle priority list this week. 



#1 Ryze

#2 Hecarim

#3 Maokai

Ryze controls the current top lane. A very strong late game and he can even bully the enemy top laner with 1 complete item makes him a threat to not be taken lightly. He also forces the enemy team to play around by denying him creeps or killing him or else he just scales for free.

Hecarim is in the 2nd spot. Hecarim can spread his lead to all the other lanes with his teleports and his burst damage on back line targets can make him a pain to deal with.

Maokai is in the 3rd spot. He is a balanced top pick where he not only offers to become a strong front line, but also comes with a knock-up and snare.



#1 Azir

#2 Viktor

#3 Cassiopeia

Shurima has returned with Azir. Azir is another balanced mid pick who fits in a variety of team compositions thanks to his ability to engage, disengage, poke, and just DPS down objectives. He is a pick that almost every mid laner should be able to use thanks to that versatility.

Viktor takes the 2nd spot. He is a lane bully and if he gets ahead he can 2-3 shot the enemy carries. He can be very annoying to deal with in lane, but due to his lack of mobility he can be punished.

The snake, Cassiopeia, is in the 3rd spot. She has sustain damage like Azir, but it is requires the enemy to be poisoned. Cassiopeia can control choke points to some degree thanks to her AOE poison and ultimate. Finally, the main problem with her is her lack of mobility and the power trough she has when going tear.



#1 Gragas

#2 Ekko

#3 Rek’sai

Gragas is at the top spot again. Ekko was actually tied with priority with Gragas, but I will put Ekko in 2nd since I need another week to believe he is the top pick. As usual, Gragas has a versatile kit which allows him to be placed in several compositions and until his kit is messed with he will remain in the top 3.

Ekko is at the 2nd spot. As I mentioned he was tied in priority with Gragas. Ekko provides a unique skill set to the jungle position. Ekko can set up ganks from raptors and other unique areas. He will throw his parallel convergence out, phase dive through the terrain, and then flash so he can instantly get the 2.25 second stun off. This is more than enough time for your teammate to burst down the enemy. Ekko can also safely tower dive thanks to his ultimate and even get out of some bad situations.

Rek’sai fell to 3rd thanks to Ekko. She is still a strong pick who can aggress early on and offer global pressure when hitting level 6.



#1 Alistar

#2 Nautilus

#3 Janna

Cow king, Alistar, is in the 1st spot still. This won’t change unless he gets nerfed. There isn’t much Alistar can’t do unless the team wants a very specific jungler.

Nautilus is in the 2nd spot. He has 4 crowd control abilities and his ultimate offers a free knock-up on a priority target. He has been played in the top lane a few times, but he is best used in support unless the team has a specific need for him in the top lane.

Janna holds the 3rd spot. She offers strong disengage and this helps with the dive oriented junglers and peeling off the top laners.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Corki

Kalista is still here. She provides objective control, strong early game, her passive allows her to kite better than any other ADC, and she can even help with providing vision.

Sivir is in the 2nd spot still. She has good burst damage, wave clear (something no other ADC’s really brings), and her ultimate provides strong synergy with several top picks in the current meta.

Corki rounds out the last spot in the ADC role. He offers burst damage, good poke, and a strong mid game.


Credits towards lolesports for the images and lol.esportspedia for the data on bans and picks.