LPL W8 D1 NaMei’s Royal Club Debut Interview “I will lead Royal towards victory”

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/95729 Translation: @ivorybells Interviewer: Firstly I'd like to congratulate Royal on their 2-0 victory.

Screengrab via Riot Games/YouTube

Source: http://star.longzhu.com/lpl/v/95729

Translation: @ivorybells

Interviewer: Firstly I’d like to congratulate Royal on their 2-0 victory. With me today, and I’m sure most of you have already guessed it, is the one who’s been getting a lot of attention, ADC NaMei. Hello NaMei!

NaMei: Hello everyone!

Interviewer: I think there are a lot of your fans here at the venue today, and after hearing the loud cheers earlier I think a lot of audience members are your fans too. Actually we haven’t seen much of you lately, and I’m sure everyone misses you a lot. One of the things I’d like to ask you first is, was there a lot pressure for you going in to this match?

NaMei: I think it was alright. After all I’ve been a pro gamer for a long time and with regards to competition pressure, it’s the way it is, not much is different.

Interviewer: Most of this pressure comes from everyone highly anticipating how you’ll do in your first match after just joining Royal, do you think you’ve adjusted well to the team?

NaMei: I think it’s still ok, what’s most important now is coordination and fitting in with the Korean players. Honestly, it hasn’t been long since I joined the team and started practicing with them, so right now what’s most important is I need to build a good relationship with Zero, and with inSec too.

Interviewer: What do you think of your coordination with the team right now?

NaMei: I think that it’s still improving, after all it’s the sort of thing that you learn by playing more competition matches together. If we win more matches it will improve the trust we have for each other.

Interviewer: Yes, I believe the team will gradually adjust as time goes by and the season progresses. So the first match was a 60-minute long battle, 61-minutes long, and no one expected that it would be such an anxious match. We could tell that the way the team was playing too was very nervous. Did you expect your first match to go like this, to be so long?

NaMei: Well we could tell that it was going to be a long match. It’s normal for games with Xerath in it to go to 50 minutes, if you want to win you have to work hard in the earlier parts of the game.

Interviewer: As Cola mentioned earlier, every match right now is very critical, and without a significant enough advantage teams are afraid to go in for that final teamfight. Do you feel that way?

NaMei: Rather than that, I think it’s about seeing if there are chances, what the other team’s condition is like, and vision. If I wanted to explain this comple- in detail, it’d be a bit complicated.

Interviewer: We noticed that in the 2nd match inSec used Fizz to jungle, did he practice this beforehand or did he just, today…?

NaMei: He did practice it beforehand, I think Fizz is pretty decent in the jungle right now.

Interviewer: Is there anything you’d like to share with everyone about Fizz?

NaMei: I feel that this champion, especially in 1v1s, is really strong.

Interviewer: Because of the strong 1v1 then. Well today everyone on Royal had exceptional performances, and one of our friends online posted a question for Namei. We have a competition going on on our Weibo that I’ll briefly mention to everyone; if you leave a question on it you may win prizes. The prize we’re giving our online friend who posted this question is a ticket to watch the games, so next time you can come watch the competition live! His question for Namei is, you used Jinx in game 1 (Interviewer adds that he used Jinx for both games), is it because you have a lot of confidence using that champion?

NaMei: Rather than that, it’s because I only choose champions that are better to win on (smile).

Interviewer: There’s one more question. Her ult has a really long range, but she has no skills to help her escape. In teamfights and positioning what should people watch out for? I believe a lot of people learning to play Jinx would like to ask this as well.

NaMei: Well, for ADCs who don’t have escapes, really all you need to do after the game starts is dodge the critical members of the opposing team. Whether or not you have an escape in your kit isn’t that important.

Interviewer: (laughs) That still depends on your mechanics! Alright, there are a lot of fans here today and I think it’s important to give you a chance to say something to your fans, to the ones who’ve been supporting you all this time.

Namei: Last month I didn’t compete, so thank you to my fans and friends who still support me, thank you everyone. I will do my best to lead Royal towards victory.

Interviewer: Wow~ (cheers from the audience) This moment definitely does feel like it should be accompanied by clapping! I believe that Namei will not let the fans down, so let’s hope that Royal gets better and better!