LPL officials found nothing wrong with IMay’s mouse problem that caused a three-hour game delay

The LPL has issued an apology around the incident.

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The LPL says a supposed mouse problem that delayed an LPL Spring Playoffs match wasn’t actually a problem at all.

The issue occurred during the match between OMG and IMay. The first game was paused 15 minutes in due to a supposed problem on IMay’s support player, Yun “Road” Hangil’s mouse that stopped the player from being able to move his champion. A crucial mid lane teamfight broke out resolving in Road’s death, allowing OMG to come out on top.

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Now, following further tests after the conclusion of the match, which saw OMG win the series 3-2, officials say they could not find any evidence of abnormalities that would have affected Road’s mouse, USB port, or connecting cable during the teamfight.

Officials now believe that the problem occurred due to an in-game bug and not the hardware itself.

It took nearly three hours for officials to decide what to do about the issue before play continued. The LPL apologized for this on its Weibo post, saying it regretted the manner in which it handled the issue.

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