LoLTies EU Quarterfinal Guide

The LoLTies team brings the tie preview for the EU LCS Quarterfinals.

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Greetings, all! The LoL Ties team here,  coming at you to give the people what they want: LCS Playoff guides that really matter. The LCS Playoffs are happening pretty much now, and the teams have been working hard all split (or learning HOTS). But we all know where it really counts starts right behind the desks, so let’s talk collars.

We’re going to present the form guide for all teams in the playoffs. We’re starting today with EU, because honestly sometimes the NA tie scene just depresses us.

H2K vs GIANTS Gaming

Lozark is an inconsistent tie. He starts off with a mere t/c gap to complain about, then went on a four-game run with zero ties. At this point (prior to the games starting) we couldn’t even tell you if he will wear a tie, let alone how good it will be.


He’s unfortunately up against EU monster and reigning World #1 League tier, pr0lly. He is absolutely immense, as we can see below. EU is one of the stronger regions in the world for ties, and pr0lly really sets a high standard.


During the regular season pr0lly 2-0’d Lozark across weeks 4 and 8, with Lozark going tie-less and being DQ’d both times. Perhaps he just conceded knowing victory was unlikely. We predict pr0lly will soundly defeat Lozark, who may not even show up for the tie-fight.


ROCCAT vs Unicorns of Love

Sheepy started the spring split with no ties but really impressed us with a nice blue-on-blue ensemble at MSI. Since then he has, to our observation, tied most if not every week in summer…with the same plain black tie.


Don’t get us wrong, we welcome our Sheepy overlords to the tie brotherhood, but when you’re in EU you gotta bring some Style points, especially when you’re competing with…

…YamatoCannon, who has given his tie game the kind of depth it needed to compete with the likes of pr0lly and (to look outside playoffs briefly), Dentist. He added a delightful bow to the solid knots on his regular tie and he is also one of only two people in the league world to deploy the trinity knot, which you can see in the intro of his “YamatoCannon Online” YouTube series, among other places.

YamatoCannon, like pr0lly, also takes a 2-0 summer record into playoffs. YamatoCannon clearly respects the threat Sheepy brings, as he brought out a bow in week 2 as you can see below, and he also used another bow to win the second match in much the same way. We predict that YamatoCannon will take out Sheepy in their battle, but this match has the most upset potential.


This wraps up our EU Quarterfinal tie guide. We’ll be back real soon to cover NA, and a bit later to cover semifinals. As a quick prediction for the upcoming today (at time of writing) battle in NA: Nobody wins, we all lose.

Thanks to the lolesports youtube feed for the screengrabs used to generate these images.

 – The LoLTies team