Liquid’s Maximum says doing Mythic right now is a ‘time waste’ during Race to World First

They're all trying to get tier sets first.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The most recent World of Warcraft Race to World First is off to one of its slowest starts ever with no guild killing the first boss of the instance after a full day—and most top guilds haven’t even tried.

The strategy behind the decision to delay progression is that there are highly beneficial tier sets that characters can get from doing the raid on Normal and Heroic difficulties that will ultimately save guilds a lot of time. 

So instead, guilds like Team Liquid (formerly Limit) and Echo have spent the race so far doing split raids in lower difficulties to get those tier pieces that will help them clear the Mythic raid.

As Team Liquid’s raid leader Maximum put it, even stepping foot into the Mythic instance right now would be pointless if your goal is to be the first guild to complete Sepulcher of The First Ones and down The Jailer on the game’s hardest difficulty.

“Literally any guild that has a brain, that is being optimal, is not going into Mythic right away because it’s a time waste,” he said. 

Despite believing it is suboptimal, Max found it hard to believe that the first boss hadn’t been killed yet. Oftentimes, at least one guild that has skilled players but isn’t necessarily strong enough to compete for a World First kill on a final boss will try to be the first to kill an earlier boss in the instance. 

Sometimes, this is done by taking a less optimal path through the instance or by going into the instance as quickly as possible. But those looking to sneak in a quick World First kill or two in Sepulcher of The First Ones haven’t been able to do so. 

“But it can’t be that hard right?” he added. “First bosses in a raid can be killed without even clearing Heroic before usually, which means they made that boss way fucking harder than it was on beta… or it’s a product of every single relevant guild basically not doing Mythic at all.”

Liquid appears to be in line to begin pulling Mythic bosses later in the day. But as of now, the guild is still working on finishing off tier sets for some characters.