Liquid’s Keith Trying Out for TSM ADC Role

(Image fromhttps://twitter.com/TeamSoloMid) On June 22, 2015, Team SoloMid announced thatYuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew will be trying out for their AD Carry Position.

Image via Baskonia-Atlantis

(Image from https://twitter.com/TeamSoloMid)

On June 22, 2015, Team SoloMid announced that Yuri “KEITHMCBRIEF” Jew will be trying out for their AD Carry Position. WildTurtle will remain TSM’s starting ADC for the time being, and KEITHMCBRIEF will only be scrimming with the team for now. Check out the video announcement here:

Although TSM is currently tied with Team Dignitas for 2nd place in the NA LCS with a record of 6-2, it looks like a disappointing performance at MSI has TSM looking to better their team’s performance. In the video announcement, TSM co-owner and coach Andy “Reginald” Dinh says, “After MSI, I set WildTurtle and even Dyrus down to talk to them about their gameplay and how they both needed to improve drastically in order for us to do well at Worlds.”

While we’ve seen tremendous improvement from Dyrus in the Summer NA LCS split, Reginald says, “So far with Turtle, we haven’t seen any improvement, and it’s really hard for me to justify keeping Turtle on the roster.” TSM is trying out KEITHMCBRIEF with the intention to motivate WildTurtle to work harder to improve his game, but the future for both ADCs seems up in the air for now. While fans may speculate what the future holds, do keep in mind that Turtle is contracted by TSM until 11/20/2018, according to a post on newsoflegends.com.

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