LeBlanc Nerfs Coming In The Future

Riot Game's Meddler, a constant force on the league of legends message boards who answers players questions regarding upcoming changes to the game has answered a question regarding LeBlanc and a possible nerf in the future.

Image via Nintendo

LeBlanc nerfs are on the way, according to Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot Games’s lead champion designer.

Meddler has responded quite cryptically to the question regarding whether LeBlanc would be getting nerfed in the future with, “Yes [LeBlanc nerfs will be coming]. Maybe in 7.3, not certain yet, nor are details.” 

So it is official, LeBlanc nerfs are on the table, but there is no information so far on how these nerfs might come about or what they will hit.

Currently, LeBlanc is seen as a strong laner with extremely high outplay potential. She also provides massive amounts of roam potential, which makes her dangerous throughout the entire game. 

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