League streamer pulls off Baron steal and double kill with Viktor’s ultimate

Play of the day.

Image via Riot Games

Sometimes, the enemy stacking baron can spell the end of a game. But other times, it can be the perfect setup to clean house.

Twitch streamer Time LapseLV experienced the latter while playing Viktor in a recent game. Despite having no vision on the Baron, his team knew exactly what the enemy was after. And unfortunately for the other team, this last-ditch effort to get the momentum in their favor didn’t pan out.

Upon placing a ward, it became clear the enemy team were close to taking out Baron and getting the buff for themselves. A quick ultimate by Viktor changed that, however.

After casting Chaos Storm, the streamer was instantly taken out, but his sacrifice was not in vain as the effects of the ability not only took down two champions and severely damaged others, it also dealt the final blow to Baron, securing its power for his team.