League streamer destroys vision ward to level up and clutch fight

Map awareness.

Image via Riot Games

A League of Legends streamer named Vakin pulled off an incredibly clutch play during a recent stream where he turned the fight around and eliminated multiple enemies in the process.

While playing Olaf in jungle, Vakin moved into the river to assist his team’s Sylas, who had two enemies in pursuit. After Sylas was taken down early in the fight, Olaf was left to chase down the Twisted Fate and Nocture alone.

After being outrun by Twisted Fate, Vakin turned his attention to Nocture, securing the elimination before hiding in a bush where the tides of the fight would turn.

Being just a fraction away from level six, Vakin destroyed a vision ward in the bush, allowing him to level up and gain his ultimate ability.

Once this happened, not even Twisted Fate’s yellow card was enough to stop Olaf, who tore through Twisted Fate, Samira, and Nautilus.

Vakin is no stranger to Olaf considering he is a challenger-ranked jungler and multiple-time Twitch Rivals champion. His skill of the champion and map awareness shined in this impressive clip.