League of Legends Streams: Who Should You Watch?

There are two major ways for a professional League of Legends player to make money: play in tournaments or stream online for others. Both formats display a player’s talent in the game, but each possesses their own difficulties.

There are two major ways for a professional League of Legends player to make money: play in tournaments or stream online for others. Both formats display a player’s talent in the game, but each possesses their own difficulties. Playing competitively on a team is usually a safer financial option for professional players, but it also tends to wear down even the best. Streaming video game play online is much riskier financially but also can tend to be more fun. A good League of Legends streamer is informative, entertaining, and interacts with their audience. The following are a list of some of the best League of Legends streamers.

Disclaimer: I’ve watched hundreds of streams on Twitch, Azubu, and OnLive, and this is my personal opinion of the best League of Legends streams to watch.


Ever since retiring from professional League of Legends, longtime Fnatic jungler Cyanide has produced the best stream on Twitch. Cyanide plays jungler at a very high level (unless he is drunk), teaches the position very well to viewers, and he interacts with the audience the entire time. There is a night and day difference between his stream when he was on Fnatic and now that he is retired.

Cyanide seems much happier overall, and his viewership numbers seem to increase massively every week. He also has the best music playlist of any streamer on Twitch. Whereas many streamers play pop hits, Cyanide plays mostly hard rock. While Cyanide shows he can be serious, he also has a wonderful sense of humor, and you will be laughing most of the time you watch him. Cyanide makes a stream worthy of the legend he is on the Rift.


A longtime stalwart in the competitive League of Legends scene, recently retired Team Curse mid laner Voyboy provides one of the best streams on Twitch (and probably the best one on Azubu when he was there). He has since turned to streaming full time, which is certainly a good idea. Voyboy an extremely skilled player on multiple champions, multiple lanes, and always seems to pull out a highlight reel every time he plays.

On top of his raw skill, he’s a very good speaker and will answer several questions during his stream regarding game play, mechanics, and champions. I have yet to see Voyboy rage once on stream. His positive attitude, experience, game knowledge, and interactivity make Voyboy a must-watch for any player interested in extensively learning how to solo lane.

He also has one of the best taglines ever: “Cya nerds!”


Former TSM jungler TheOddOne never disappoints when he streams on Twitch. He provides very detailed analysis during some games to teach his viewers, as well as provides some, if I may, odd commentary on what is happening in the game. The General has a very large and loyal following – a slow night for his stream is around 5,000 viewers. He was once a top jungler in North America, and he stayed relevant competitively for a very long time before stepping down before summer of Season 4.

TheOddOne is not known for his unbelievable mechanics, but if you want to learn how to play well in the jungle as a beginner, this is the first stream you should watch. The stream is extremely educational, interactive, and entertaining because the General has a very unique sense of humor. If you’re a lucky subscriber, you may even get the chance to play with him in an ARAM.


Ever since Counter Logic Gaming support Aphromoo joined the team, he has not streamed as much as he used to. Keep in mind that whenever Aphromoo does stream, he always puts on a show. He is a very skilled support player and AD carry, makes hysterical comments throughout the game, and is a really good guy overall. Now, we can all hope that he streams more often in season 5, but I doubt it with all his commitments.


I was split on whether I should put former Team Dignitas AD carry Imaqtpie on this list. His stream is not educational in the least bit, but if your goal is to watch the funniest stream on Twitch, Imaqtpie is the guy to watch. He is extremely loud, obnoxious, and hysterical all at the same time.


If you actually want to learn how to play AD carry, RobertxLee is a great example. He was one of the most popular streamers on Twitch at one time, but his numbers dwindled after his failed run in the LCS. RobertxLee’s mechanics are top notch, and although he doesn’t often show it, he is a very funny guy. RobertxLee provides a great example of how AD carry should be played in solo queue.

Honorable Mentions


He always provides a quality stream experience, and his reaction is absolutely priceless when he dies in a weird way.


Dyrus is one of the first original League of Legends streamers, and although he definitely gets a low grade for interactivity and talking in general, he is an entertaining player to watch.


Krepo can be a very educational support streamer. He also shows off his humor, depending on who he duo queues with (duo queues with Sjokz are hysterical).


He has not streamed as much lately from what I’ve seen, but CLG owner HotshotGG is a lot of fun to watch.


Curse Academy jungler and LCS veteran Saintvicious provides an educational and entertaining stream when he’s sober and an even more entertaining one when he’s drunk.


Former CLG top laner and current Fusion Gaming AD carry Nientonsoh is another good AD carry stream to watch if you want to learn the position.


Nightblu3 is one of the most educational jungle streamers, if he’s in a good mood.


If you want to learn to play Veigar in every role on the map, he is the only one you can watch.


He’s just like DaBox except for Rengar. His music selection is also very good.