Gear up for League of Legends European Slumber Party Event

This should be fun.

Riot Games just announced a Europe-only event that’s loaded with prizes and the potential for an IP weekend.

Slumber Party kicks off March 31 and ends April 3. Riot hopes it will be a fun weekend event that encourages long play sessions.

By winning games in modes other than ranked (yes, they do exist) as one of five champions— Annie, Gnar, Alistar, Maokai, or Udyr—you’ll earn points towards the event’s leaderboard. Every win gives you 100 points, with 100 extra points rewarded for winning as part of a premade group.

The more games you play and win, the more points you accumulate towards the event leaderboard, which gives you a chance to win prizes. Think of it as ranked mode, but only for certain champions and over four days instead of a season.

After earning 600 points during the event, players will win a Hextech Chest and Key to hopefully unlock a cool new skin or a new champion to play around with. Players that earn the most points overall will also claim bigger prizes.

The grand prize for the top three players includes various merchandise based on champions.

The prizes include a Tibbers onesie, Tibbers plush, Tibbers Mug, Dino Gnar plush, and all five slumber party skins.

The top 10 players will receive all five slumber party skins and the top hundred will receive one random slumber party skin as a reward.

As part of a bigger incentive, should EUW and EUNE players collectively accumulate 12,000,000 points, Riot has promised to run a party IP weekend that will begin on April 7.