League champion and skin sales: March 24-27

Be prepared to walk the path of the Jade Dragon.

New League of Legends champions and skins go on sale today for the next three days, and we can’t wait to get our hands on Urgot before his remake.

Skin sales occur every three days, offering players an incentive to complete their champion pool or buy a skin they have been debating for some time but never wanted to pay full price for. All sale items are purchasable through the in-game shop.

Here are all of this week’s champion and skin sales.


Bilgewater Swain – 260 RP

Do you wish to live the life of a pirate on the high seas? Now is your chance.

Debonair Vi – 375 RP

Dress to impress, don’t be afraid to take risks, and above all, always stay classy if and when the time comes to do some punching.

Panda Annie – 487 RP

Chinese New Year may be over, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing an explosive Panda to the rift to do some damage.

Jade Dragon Wukong – 487 RP

When wuju style is not enough, turn to the dragons for advice. Master Yi can only teach you so much to perfect your style.


Urgot – 395 RP

Urgot is getting a rework in the coming months, maybe it is time to invest early and remember what Urgot used to be like, before everything changes.

Draven – 440 RP

It’s showtime! There is no better way then showcasing your skill and ego then being the one, the only, DRAVVVVVVVEEEEEEN.

Brand – 440 RP

Once known as Kegan Rodhe, the monster now known as Brand is ready to be a part of your champion pool to scorch the land beneath your foes.

Thresh – 487 RP

One of the ultimate supports, Thresh uses his scythe to snatch away the enemy ADC’s soul. Don’t be limited by his support nature, try him out in the toplane if you want, if Dyrus can make it work, why can’t you?