LCK Week 6: Top 3 Picks for Each Role

Here are the top picks for LCK week 6. Not much change besides Annie taking the 3rd spot for support. Top #1 Ryze #2 Rumble/Maokai #3 Hecarim Ryze is still at the top.

For all of the hype and grandeur of Evo's final day, the wildest moment of the year’s biggest fighting game event may have come midway through

Here are the top picks for LCK week 6. Not much change besides Annie taking the 3rd spot for support. 


#1 Ryze

#2 Rumble/Maokai

#3 Hecarim

Ryze is still at the top. He is still too strong and instantly pressures the team to work around the Ryze. If he is left alone he can take control of the game. However, that isn’t to say Ryze has no counter play. Good teams can work around the Ryze pick. It just makes the game harder to have to.

Rumble and Maokai are tied for 2nd this week. Rumble remains a top tier pick. He can thrive off small resources, his equalizer can be used in a variety of different ways, and he does good damage. Maokai is a more well balanced top laner. He can be played in several different situations and is a very strong tank in the late game.

Hecarim rounds out the 3rd spot. Hecarim can snowball and take over games through his teleport ganks and flanks. He didn’t have the best this week, but is a pick teams should have in their back pocket.



#1 Viktor

#2 Azir

#3 Cassiopeia

Viktor controls the top spot in the mid lane. He has strong burst, wave clear, and can control chokes well. He can be picked off due to lack of mobility, but if he is ahead he can instantly burst someone before going down.

Azir is back in the spotlight. Azir is an extremely well balanced mid pick where he offers engage, disengage, poke, strong sustain damage, and an escape. He can be blind picked if need be.

Cassiopeia is still around the 3rd spot. She has the burst and sustain damage, but due to tear build it delays her power spike and with no escapes she can be abused early.



#1 Gragas

#2 Rek’sai

#3 Evelynn

Gragas is in the top spot again. He is versatile, which allows him to be picked in different team compositions. He also has surprising burst damage thanks to his W.

Rek’sai is in the 2nd spot again. She has a strong early game and thanks to her tunnels and ultimate it gives her strong presence all around the map.

Evelynn has taken over 3rd spot. Evelynn’s passive provides pressure without her even doing anything. It requires teams to buy early pinks if they wish to play more aggressive. She also has good early game damage, but due to falling off hard in the late game she is avoided at times. This week she had a strong win rate. 



#1 Alistar

#2 Nautilus

#3 Annie

Mess with the bull and you get the horns. Alistar is still here. No surprise. He won’t go away. Like Gragas Alistar is versatile and fits into several different compositions. Knock-ups, heal for sustain, and the best damage reduction ability.

Nautilus came in 2nd place. Nautilus is a great lane to gank for since he can lock down the enemy with a hook and passive giving enough time for the jungler to get an offensive spell off or another crowd control spell. Nautilus’s ultimate also is a free knock-up on a priority target which is extremely good.

Annie is now the 3rd place support. Annie offers an AOE stun while also being a strong harassing support in both 2v1 and 2v2 situations. Her base damage is good as well which allows for her lane to become a kill lane.



#1 Kalista

#2 Sivir

#3 Corki

Kalista remains in the 1st spot. Dragon and baron control are strong along with her strong early game. Fate’s call also offers different strategies to be implemented with the support.

Sivir is still 2nd. Her ultimate meshes well with several top picks like Ryze, Viktor, Gragas, and others. She also has a great attack rotation with boomerang and auto reset ricochet.

Corki holds the 3rd spot. Corki has a strong mid game and offers poke for sieging. He has an escape and his burst damage isn’t to be taken lightly.


Credit towards lolesports for the pictures and VODS/statistics to get the bans and picks.