LCK Power Rankings – Week 2

The current power rankings of Lol Champions Korea with notes on each team.

1: ROX Tigers


  • Peanut has so far been an upgrade over Hojin/Wisdom, he has given the Tigers the ability to snowball games quickly from the early game, rather than wait for the ultra late game as they were traditionally famous for.

  • Kuro has substantially improved over worlds, and he has backed that up to a similar level over the first 2 weeks of LCK


2: KT Rolster


  • Score has been performing substantially well, and has adapted well to the adc-jungle meta (which makes sense because he used to be an adc)

  • Hachani has surprisingly been performing well – although he is still prone to random face checks

  • SKT vs KT is a incredibly tough decision at the moment


3: SK Telecom T1


  • Duke has transitioned fairly well into the team, however he still is unconvincing when it comes to teleporting into skirmishes.

  • Faker unsurprisingly has the second highest team damage share at 33.1% – only behind Edge from EM Fire

  • Bengi currently has a champion pool issue – he has so far been unable to play both ADC junglers. An example of this problem, is game 2 against Jin Air. When Jin air banned Reksai and picked Elise, Bengi did not pick up Kindred and instead played very lackluster Evelynn game. If Bengi does not improve his champion pool, teams could easily ban Elise and Reksai (or first pick one of them), which could result in another game 2 of SKT-Jin Air.

  • Blank could be a solution to the above problem. Although he did not have a good game 1 on Kindred, it should be noted that it was his first ever ‘A league’ game (his previous teams were all in LSPL).


4: Jin Air Greenwings


  • TrAce has dramatically changed his playstyle and roll on the team – from a very safe utility top laner to seemingly a carry on his team (although he has shown in the game against Afreeca that he is still capable of playing Utility tanks and the pocket Morgana)

  • Winged has proven to be a promising jungler. His agressive pressure style is almost Dandy-esque

  • TrAce somehow has the highest kill participation on the team


5: Samsung Galaxy


  • Samsung has proven to be one of the most underrated teams coming into the LCK

  • CuVee has showed sparks of potential – he could develop into a top 5 Top laner

  • Stitch has had good performances so far this season – his positioning in team fights and decision making over when to go aggressive has been good so far.

  • Ambition is actually performing better than expected (Insert salty CJ fan (me) here)


6: Longzhu Gaming


  • Chaser has been very underwhelming compared to last season

  • Expression has vastly improved over last season – and has proven to be a split push monster

  • Although Longzhu has had a bad start, the potential on this team is undeniable (especially with Fury still serving his ban) – this team could very well be top 3 by the time playoffs come


7: Afreeca FreeCS


  • Were Free CS in the first week, however challenged Jin air in the second week

  • Mickey has been slightly underwhelming, but Sangyoon has noticeably stepped up his performance.


8: CJ Entus


  • Kramer has a high damage share on the team (37.5%), while Sky has a a low damage share (25.3%)

  • Madlife has been performing quite well this season

  • Bubbling and Sky have been very underwhelming

  • BDD and Ghost will be eligible to play in March, however it is unlikely to be enough of an upgrade to make CJ a top team.


9: E-M Fire


  • Edge has been the best player on the team – with a high damage share of 35% despite having a low gold share of 25%.

  • At least they beat Sbenu


10: Sbenu


  • Flawless has not performed anywhere near the level of his Kespa Cup Appearance