Kid gets in trouble at school for calling another student a “Hanzo main”


It’s one of Overwatch’s most hurtful insults: “You’re a Hanzo main.”

Often chastised for choosing the bow-wielding Shimada brother, Hanzo players get a lot of hate in-game and on Overwatch forums. Unless you’re really good on Hanzo, it’s hard to get the picks necessary to make him worth it. And they’re never on the point or the payload. Someone complaining about your team composition? Probably the Hanzo main.

It’s a blistering insult that’s quickly spreading past Overwatch’s in-game world and into the classroom.

Twitch streamer “abrekke83“’s daughter had a pencil stolen from her at school. In response, she called the kid a “Hanzo main,” and the teacher was utterly confused. In a note sent home with abrekke83’s daughter, the teacher wrote, “Another student took her pencil and she referred to him as a “Hanzo Main” I have no idea what this means, however it was clearly meant as an insult.”

And apparently, this wasn’t the first note. The teacher reportedly spelled Hanzo as “Hanso” in the first note, and abrekke83’s daughter corrected the teacher. This kid’s going somewhere.

Those following the United States election may remember a billboard taken out against Donald Trump, calling him a Hanzo main that complains about composition in team chat.

After being retweeted by the official Overwatch Twitter account, abrekke83’s note quickly went viral. At this rate it’ll be a mainstream insult in no time.