Never forget your keybinds with these Overwatch-themed keyboard caps

Custom ability keys for most Overwatch heroes are joining the fight.

You’ll soon be able to show off which Overwatch hero you main, with custom keyboard caps.

Mechanical keyboard-enthusiast website Mehkee is starting up a “group buy” of these custom keys, which is a way for a group of people to purchase something that isn’t normally available to purchase or that is especially expensive in smaller quantities. The site links to a Reddit post which fully details the project.

The sets come in four keys per package (except for Mercy, who has five) and are selling at $11 a set, not including shipping, via this sign-up sheet. Every hero’s set has a key that shows an image of their in-game abilities.

The keys are shine-through and will glow when placed on any MX-compatible LED keyboard.

Mercy keycap set
Roadhog keycap set

There are 21 heroes available, as well as a set of custom WASD keys, as seen in this Imgur album. Sombra, Torbjorn, and Orisa fans are out of luck, as those are the only three heroes not offered.

Anyone who wants in on this group buy has until the end of Sunday, April 2 to sign up, and the keys should be shipping out by the end of April.

H/T Kotaku