Jinx, Graves, and Lux set to be hit with balance changes

Will they bring balance to the early game matchup?

League’s ADC champions Jinx and Graves are set to be hit in an effort to combat the weakness of ADC’s, according to a recent dev post on the official League forums.

“We’re considering two different approaches for Graves,” Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, Riot’s core gameplay lead designer, says in the post.

Riot plans on hitting True Grit, Graves’ E passive, which gives bonus armor and magic resistance per level. By reducing the overall MR, it would reduce Graves’ lane presence when the champion jungles, making him less of a tank-threat in the early stages of the game.

Riot is also looking at Q damage reduction, which would further dampen his early-game potential when ganking lanes. His Q is a skill shot that fires a round in a target direction, returning afterwards to deal further damage if the enemy is caught in the wide perpendicular area.

Jinx is another ADC champion facing balance changes, with Meddler confirming in the dev post that Riot is “exploring the concept of spell that can crit” with her E skillshot ability, in order to give some much-needed power to the champion.

“[The] concept shows some promise, current numbers are certainly wrong though,” Meddler continues. Any change to Jinx’s skillshot slow ability is unlikely to come in Patch 7.7 due to it needing further testing, Riot suggested in the dev post.

Finally, the Lady of Luminosity, the Heroine of Demacia, Lux, is set to get a power boost to help her chances of competing in higher-ELO matches.

There is debate in the dev post over which part of Lux’s kit will receive the power boost, with the most likely scenario being a further cooldown reduction to her ultimate, Final Spark, because of it being overpowered. Lux’s ultimate is a large laser attack that fires in a long range, bursting enemies with tons of ability power after a successful kill or bringing more power to her E ability, which deals damage in a small area.

Jinx and Lux should both be in a better state if these changes see the light of day. Graves’ changes, however, will help balance out the jungle versus ADC match-up in the early game, to give foes a fighting chance.