Ivern and Rumble set for changes in patch 7.10

Changes to Ivern's clear speed will significantly decrease his power.

With the release of Patch 7.9 today, Riot is moving on to the next champion balance changes for League of Legends, according to a recent dev post on the official League forums.

Riot’s core gameplay lead designer, Andrei “Meddler” van Roon, has stressed the importance of nerfing overpowered champions in order to balance the jungle meta and expand the pool of useful champions in competitive play.

Ivern’s changes have been known for awhile now, but Meddler has now revealed the exact adjustments players can expect to see.

Ivern will get lower movement speed in an effort to quell his counter-ganking potential and make his wave clear slower in the early game.

Riot is also changing the amount of health and mana Ivern needs to take a camp. By having Ivern use more of his health and mana, the champion will be extra vulnerable in the early game if he tries to take every camp, leaving him open to early invade potential by the enemy team.

Expect shows off Rumble’s power in the top lane with the turnaround.

Rumble is another champion that Riot is keen to hit. The Mechanized Menace has been a strong top lane pick in the current metagame, and Riot is looking to make Rumble’s laning phase a bit more interactive. The idea stems from changing Rumble’s Q flamethrower ability. Riot is hoping that it can diminish his wave clear capabilities by shifting the flamethrower’s power to his auto attacks instead.

Meddler also mentioned in the dev post that Graves’ nerfs are planned for 7.10, but was unable to give many details on what players can expect.