Ivern is too OP, and Riot is planning to do something about it

Nerfs to most of the jolly tree’s abilities are on the way.

Who doesn’t love Ivern? He’s a happy-go-lucky sentient tree that loves nature and animals, and he does what he can to protect them. Well, even if we all love him we have to admit, he’s way too strong. Riot agrees, and League of Legends’ most easy-going jungler is about to be nerfed hard, according to a post to the Dev Corner of the official League forums yesterday.

The nerfs that Riot has in mind will hit almost all of Ivern’s kit, targeting his passive and several abilities. Ivern is a bit too oppressive and difficult to deal with for enemies, so his utility power is being hit the hardest.

Passive: Friend of the Forest

Ivern’s camp clear speed is a bit too high, so the channel duration for his passive is being extended. This will hopefully lower Ivern’s insane map pressure by forcing him to take more time on his own jungle.

W: Brushmaker

Ivern’s bushes are getting chopped with this huge nerf. With his ability to hide epic monsters, like Baron and Dragon, in his created bushes, he has an unfair advantage when contesting objectives against enemies. His bushes will no longer hide these monsters. The cast range of his bushes is also being brought down.

E: Triggerseed

Ivern’s shield is his bread and butter. He can use it in a pinch with a low cooldown and a lot of protection. It barely has any cast time, so it can be used to get his allies out of a ton of sticky situations. Well, due to the power of the shield, its cooldown is being raised so Ivern can’t spam it quite as much.

Ivern’s nerfs are already on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for testing. The PBE is League’s test client for players to leave feedback on new features before they go live, so if you’d like to test out Ivern’s nerfs be sure to apply for your own PBE account.