Classic CoD map Rust will be remade for Infinite Warfare

A legendary map is making its return.

A legendary map in Call of Duty will reportedly be a part of the next DLC map pack for Infinite Warfare. Rust, a fan-favorite map from Modern Warfare 2, will be remade as Excess in the upcoming Continuum map pack, according to Charlie Intel.

Continuum, the second DLC map pack for Infinite Warfare, will add four new multiplayer maps and a new zombies experience to the franchise on April 18.

The four multiplayer maps will be Excess, Archive, Scrap, and Turista, while the new zombies map is called Shaolin Shuffle. These multiplayer maps offer a variety of new settings for players to compete on, including an exotic future resort, a post-futurist art gallery, and even the moon.

It will be interesting to see how advanced movement will impact the gameplay on Excess, since Rust was a very small one-on-one map in Modern Warfare 2.

Shaolin Shuffle appears to be a zombies experience unlike anything we’ve seen before. Set in 1970s New York City, players will use kung-fu powers to fight against the living dead. The trailer shows the playable characters training in martial arts to protect their dojo from a zombie invasion.

This DLC content will be available first on PlayStation 4, with the new maps coming to Xbox One and PC soon after April 18.