Ignite or Teleportation / Lane advantage

TL;DR: Teleportation bring you more gold and xp if you use him well, that only for the laning phase(0-15 min).


I wrote this one few weeks ago and posted it on reddit, would like some feedback 🙂

This apply more to 5.18 but it can still work on 5.22

Sorry for the english, i’m french, so it may contain some mistakes

The metagame at the moment is really Tp oriented with a top and mid champ running for teleportation. If you watch the game and wonder why pro team use TP on every lane I will try to explain you why you should run teleportation as well.

Take for example the old way to play mid lane: Ignite+Flash

The ignite at level 1 deal 70 true damage over 5 seconds. Basically 2 auto hit from you (even a bit less) The TP don’t deal damage to the enemy champion , but he can allow you to take early trade, try to get the enemy as low as you are so when your potion are down, you will back, buy and be on lane on 15 seconds. Where the enemy mid laner need to back and come back on the lane with his feet.


  • Viktor (Ignite+Flash) will take nearly 40 seconds to back, buy items, and come back on the mid lane (based on 340 movement speed -> 335+1.5% from masteries=340)

  • Viktor (TP+Flash) will take 15 seconds to back, buys items and teleport on the mid again, you can reduce this by 2 or 3 seconds if you buy faster.

Where is my point with that??

You need to understand on think, in league of legends; there are 2 resources that you can’t refuse: Gold + Experience This 25 seconds difference is HUGE, it’s one minion wave.

Gold = (20+20+20+15+15+15) = 105 gold or 145g if you take the canon (+40g)

Experience = (59+59+59+29+29+29) = 264 xp or 356 xp if you take the canon (+92xp)

Here is the point, if you succeed to take one wave more than the other mid laner. you will have 105 gold and 264 xp, this is something he will NEVER be able to get back. (For note, to reach the lvl 6 when you are lvl 5, you will need 680 xp, it means that if you succeed to take the 264 xp advantage, you will have 39% of your lvl 6 when the enemy mid laner has 0% of his lvl 6. The will allow you to take your ultimate sooner and have a nice shot to kill him before he can even traid back. With this done you will be able to snowball your lane with the gold and experience advantage. I think we can add another variable to the lane advantage, the mood of the other player. If you take the lead on him, we may tilt a bit, even if you don’t kill him, then you will have the enemy jungler attention, and you will need to care about him. But it’s a good think, if you keep pressure on the mid, you will force the other jungler to stay near mid or to give up his mid lane, that can open possibilities for the top and bot lane, and for your jungler.

Some people might think, okay, that fine, but he the other guy takes the wave under the tower, you don’t have the advantage we are talking about right? Yes, but you have 25 seconds for push hard enough the lane, and you will be full mana, so train it, time well your TP back to be at the good timing on the midlane, and then, enjoy the advantage.

And, by the way, it doesn’t matter if the other mid laner doesn’t back when you do, because you will have more health, more mana, and more items. You will be able to force him to back, and then, you will be able to push the lane, and the advantage will be the same.

TL;DR: Teleportation bring you more gold and xp if you use him well, that only for the laning phase(0-15 min).