Where to Watch the Boston Major

Today is the day -- check out some of the places online to watch the Boston Major.

The Boston Major begins today, and in case you don’t know where to catch it, here are some places to watch.

1. The Official Boston Major Stream

The official stream will take place on Twtich at the four Valve run streaming pages: 

The Dota Major Main Channel: This also where the main event will be broadcast.

Dota Major Channel 2, Dota Major Channel 3, and Dota Major Channel 4.

2. Spectating through the Dota 2 Client
Similar to how you can spectate Counter-Strike Majors through the CS:GO client., you can watch all Valve sponsored events for free in game. You can find all games in the Boston Major page, which is found in the tournaments section of the “Watch” tab. This is a nice choice if you want some freedom to spectate the game on your own terms, or aren’t fond of twitch for whatever reason. 

3. Community Streams

Back on twitch, your favorite streamer may be broadcasting the event themselves. North American caster GrandGrant has announced on the /r/Dota2 subreddit that he will be hosting a NA team centric cast of the group stages, with special guests from the community joining him on the stream. You can find his twitch page here. 

Similarly, Admiral Bulldog, the esteemed former offlaner for Alliance, will be broadcasting the group stage on twitch here.

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