How to watch Minecraft Championships (MCC) 21

You can watch MCC in a variety of ways.

Image via Noxcrew

The next Minecraft Championship (MCC) is just around the corner and will air on April 30. You want to make sure you know how to watch it so that you don’t miss any exciting content, so here is a breakdown of the ways you can watch MCC.

Noxcrew’s Twitch channel

Since MCC features a plethora of talented creators divided up across ten teams of four, a great way to keep up with all of them is through the Admin stream on the official Noxcrew Twitch channel. The Noxcrew team are behind the entire event so watching their Admin stream is a fun way to get exclusive commentary and see the whole event from a different perspective.

Noxcrew have privileges players do not which means anyone watching their streams usually get a better view of the action and oftentimes are able to see an entire team or even all MCC competitors at once.

Screengrab via TheNoxcrew on Twitch

Any MCC competitor’s livestream

If a streamer you like is participating in MCC 21, head over to their personal stream to witness their gameplay firsthand. Watching through the lens of different MCC competitors each time is a fun way to see how they play various MCC games and hear them communicate with their teams.

You can check who is live on MCC day, what team they are on, how they are performing, find where they are live at, and keep up with all MCC information at MCC live.

Screengrab via GeorgeNotFound on YouTube

Now that you know your options for watching MCC 21, tune in on April 30 for what is sure to be another exciting event.