How to report hackers, cheaters, and players in Fall Guys

There isn't an in-game report system.

Image via Mediatonic

Fall Guys was launched on Aug. 4 and players are already bumping into hackers. The most common cheat being used is a speed hack that makes the player run at an unbelievable speed, giving them a clear advantage.

You may want to report a hacker if you run into one while playing Fall Guys, but Mediatonic hasn’t added a report system to the game yet.

The developers had to deal with several server issues caused by the game’s huge demand after launch, so the cheating problem has seemingly been pushed to the side so far. The devs have acknowledged the presence of hackers, though, but they’re still working on it. 

There are two ways of reporting right now: via email and Discord. Players can send a message about the hacker to [email protected] At time of writing, the Discord channel for reporting hackers has been closed to avoid “accidentally advertising where to get the hack,” said Skylite, one of the administrators.

If you want to report a player via email, you should include their name, the reason for the report, the date and time it happened, the platform you were playing on, and your server region.

Here’s an example of what you should send in a report:

  • Name: Fall Guy ####
  • Reason: Speed Hack
  • Date and time: August 10 1:05pm CT
  • Platform: PC
  • Region: NA

It’s best if you have a recording to prove the hacking, too. Another option is to send a direct message to the support team on Twitter since the Discord channel is closed right now.