How to reduce lag in Overwatch on PC

ExitLag ensures players always get that kill without having to worry about lag or connection issues.

Written in partnership with ExitLag

Overwatch players know the pain of seeing an enemy with just a sliver of health left, only to experience a massive lag spike that either allows the enemy to get away or ends with a respawn timer. ExitLag aims to ensure players will always get that kill without having to worry about lag or connection issues.

What is ExitLag?

ExitLag is a proprietary technology aimed at creating problem-free gaming experiences through ensuring stable connections for players. The optimization system works in real-time and uses algorithms to find the best routes for players’ data, thus reducing lag and mitigating the impact of connection issues for players—possibly saving them from a deadly Widowmaker headshot from afar.

Is ExitLag worth it?

This software not only works seamlessly with Overwatch, but also with Overwatch 2 and more than 500 titles ranging from FPS games like VALORANT, to MOBA titles like League of Legends. ExitLag is able to run with nearly any title and constantly searches through its worldwide servers to ensure players of any game are receiving the best quality gameplay experience, regardless of how many players are using the same bandwidth.

What are the key features of ExitLag to improve lag in Overwatch?

ExitLag contains several features to solve ping, spikes, packet loss, and high lag problems in Overwatch.

  • FPS BOOST: This feature increases your frames-per-second rates, disabling non-essential OS features to automatically improve the PC performance.
  • Multi Internet: It allows the Transmission Control Protocol to use multiple paths, enhancing resource usage and maximizing your connection strength.
  • Traffic Shaper: Limits the download and upload speed from other applications using high traffic. This helps reduce ping in Overwatch!

How can I get ExitLag?

Players can register for a free three-day trial of the software by visiting ExitLag’s website and following the simple instructions to create an account. From there, players will be able to enjoy a lag-free experience in nearly any game of their choosing.

Downloading the software is quite simple:

  1. Access the website
  2. Sign-up with your email address and password
  3. Download and install ExitLag
  4. Open the software, and if is first time using it, you will get three free days automatically