How to play Crypto in Apex Legends

Hone your skills with the Surveillance Expert.

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Apex Legends’ season three is finally here and fans got a slew of new content to jumpstart the season. But one of the most game-changing additions is Crpyto, the battle royale’s newest playable character.

Crypto is the second recon legend and his entire kit rotates around the use of his surveillance drone. The drone takes a while to get used to, though. In a fast-paced game like Apex, sitting idly while you fly around a robot feels odd at first. But once a player figures out his kit, Crypto can serve as one of the best picks for a team, especially on a map as widespread as World’s Edge.

Here are a few tips and tricks to playing Crypto.

Tactical—Surveillance Drone

For his tactical ability, Crypto sends out his drone and immediately enters drone mode, which allows him to fly his extra set of eyes around the map. The drone’s range is limited, however, so players won’t be able to fly it too far away from where Crypto is.

The drone can then be summoned back or left in the skies. It’ll hover wherever Crypto leaves it and he can reenter the drone if he remains within range. The drone will locate and highlight any enemies in its surrounding area if it’s in the sky, but it can be shot down by enemies.

Crypto’s drone makes a loud sound while flying around and can be heard by nearby enemies, so scouting inside buildings may not be the most practical use for the ability. The higher in the sky it is, the softer the sound is. The drone can also be difficult to see sometimes when it’s contrasted with the backdrop of the light sky, making it better for open areas.

Additionally, the drone serves as an extra limb for Crypto. It can be used to hack doors or pick up fallen teammates’ banners. Even better, the robot doesn’t take damage from the circle, so Crypto won’t have to risk saving teammates outside of the ring and can instead send his drone in his place.

Despite the drone’s benefits to the team, it leaves its user vulnerable, so players will need to make sure they enter drone mode from a safe spot behind cover. Crypto players will also want to make sure that they don’t use their drone at the wrong time. If the rest of the squad rotates or runs into an enemy team, Crypto may fall behind if he’s still in drone mode, leaving the team to fend for themselves.


Neurolink allows Crypto’s allies to see targets marked by the Surveillance Drone. Enemies within 30 meters of Crypto’s position are highlighted in a bright orange outline, which can be seen through walls by Crypto’s teammates.

This ability greatly helps players in teamfights. And if Crypto can position his drone above the surrounding area before a fight breaks out, his team will surely have the upper hand.

Ultimate—Drone EMP

Once Crypto sends out his drone, he can then have it set off an EMP blast to slow enemies in a radius, deal 50 shield damage, and disable any nearby traps. The EMP only works from his drone, however. So if the drone is shot down, Crypto has to wait until it respawns before setting off another EMP.

The Surveillance Expert can use his ultimate while in drone mode or by hitting Z outside of the drone. The EMP blast has a slight delay before going off, so enemies have time to exit the zone and dodge the blast. While in drone mode, however, Crypto can move his drone forward to keep up with fleeing opponents.

The EMP works best in close quarters, such as a building that’s been fortified by a Wattson or Caustic. The drone can be destroyed before the blast goes off, however, so players will want to plan accordingly.