How to claim League of Legends and TFT loot with Twitch Prime

Don't let these offers slip by.

Image via Riot Games

Two-day shipping from Amazon is great, but what about free League of Legends skins or mystery Teamfight Tactics Little Legends? If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, it’s easy to claim free rewards in your favorite games by simply linking your accounts.

Earlier in the month, Riot and Twitch launched their newest collaboration to award TFT and League fans with months of free gifts. Those with a Twitch Prime subscription can unlock Mystery Skin Permanents, Little Legends eggs, and Mystery Emotes by connecting their accounts and checking in every month to catch the next offer in the promotion.

The first offer in the promotion ends on Jan. 6. After the first offer expires, two more will open in the following months, giving fans another opportunity to unlock their favorite skins or Little Legends.

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Before claiming the rewards, users will need to ensure they have an active Amazon Prime membership. They can link their Amazon subscription to their Twitch account in Twitch’s Connections tab of the Settings menu. From there, they can click on the Crown icon next to their profile picture in the top left corner of Twitch’s site to see all of the promotions that are being offered.

A series of banners will pop up underneath Twitch’s Crown icon and users can then scroll down to find the League and TFT offers. Clicking the Learn More option will take them to the rewards pages, where they can then claim the loot by linking their game accounts to their Twitch accounts.

Those who don’t have a Twitch Prime subscription can still receive the loot items for signing up for a free 30-day trial through Twitch’s website. Once the trial period ends, however, players will no longer be able to unlock any rewards until they purchase a full subscription.