HCS Preview for Week Six

With the sixth week ready to commence, who could take down EnVyUs? Here’s a breakdown of what to expect over the next week.

Moving in to week six, higher up teams in the standings are going to be gunning for some movement; Team Liquid being a prime example. This being said, either ends of the standings seem pretty solid, so the middle region is where the movement is likely to be this week.

Here’s what to expect:

The Current Standings

Another week means another flawless performance from EnVyUs. Well, almost. Unlike previous weeks, EnVyUs had at least one 3-0 shutout every week, but last week, that pattern broken. This small sign of weakness didn’t stop their win streak, and has sent them into this week as strong as ever, with their matchups not likely to pose much of a threat. Both of their matchups sit at the lower end of the standings, Enigma6 in fifth place and Evil Geniuses in sixth.

EnVyUs may have struggled to face Team Liquid’s playstyle in their first match, they came back stronger learning from their past mistakes, taking them to a final game to win the match last week. Going from strength to strength is all EnVyUs knows how to do at this point, and they have shown very little signs of weakness thus far.

Second place is still occupied by OpTic Gaming, who is also still waiting for EnVyUs to fall off the top spot and claim it for themselves. OpTic will have to face off against the third place team this week, which is still Team Liquid. While this matchup is likely to be hard fought, OpTic will not want to budge out of second place. OpTic will attempt to solidify their standing further in their other matchup against Allegiance, who is still yet to make a comeback.

In third and fourth place are Team Liquid and Luminosity. Team Liquid may be down two games, but they are still strong competitors. Team Liquid is going to have to work extremely hard this week to keep their place, as they will be facing the teams on either side of them in the standings. If Liquid isn’t able to beat OpTic this week, it’s quite possible that Luminosity will take their place in the standings.

Luminosity will get their rematch with Enigma6 this week, after their heart-breaking defeat in the second week. Luminosity has shown very little weakness towards the teams in the lower standings, so will want to perform their strongest this week in order to move up. As much as their position in the standings does not seem in jeopardy his week, the move up in the standings is going to be far from easy.

In fifth and sixth place are Enigma6 and Evil Geniuses, a pair of teams who have battled to escape bottom four positions. This being said, Enigma6 has a hell of a week to prove themselves. Enigma6’s first match will be against Luminosity, who sit in the position Enigma6 want, but will then be facing EnVyUs in their second match. For Enigma6 to beat Luminosity again would put them in a great position to move up this week, but will definitely need to push for the victory.

EG is going to have an even tougher week, facing off against teams that have both performed strongly when beating them. EG’s loss streak hasn’t been without resistance, but they haven’t managed to get a comeback. This week may see Evil Geniuses move down in the standings, or see them pull off the impossible and be the ones to take down EnVyUs.

Finally, in seventh and eighth are LOL and Allegiance. LOL was building up momentum heading into week five, but were completely shut down in both of their matches. LOL isn’t up against teams that they can’t beat, and they have proven themselves worthy of contesting the top teams. This week, LOL will face off against Allegiance and Evil Geniuses. Looking at the recent performances of both teams, they may have some luck, but will need to regain some of the momentum they had in previous weeks.

Sitting in last place, still, is Allegiance, who despite their struggles, managed to narrowly win their match against Evil Geniuses last week. Even though they’ve broken their loss streak, Allegiance’s position in the standings seems pretty definitive, as they will be going up against LOL and OpTic. If Allegiance doesn’t find it in them to win at least one of their games this week, they’re going to be left in eighth place for good.

The Matches

Day One:

Match One: LOL vs. Allegiance

Match Two: Enigma6 vs. Luminosity

Match Three: Evil Geniuses vs. EnVyUs

Match Four: OpTic Gaming vs. Team Liquid 

Day Two:

Match One: OpTic vs. Allegiance

Match Two: EnVyUs vs. Enigma6

Match Three: Luminosity vs. Team Liquid

Match Four: Evil Geniuses vs. LOL


EnVyUs is set for another good week. Their matchups this week seem to pose no threat whatsoever, but underestimating a team in week six could be a huge downfall for the team; a downfall which OpTic Gaming would be sure to pounce on, and are likely to if the opportunity arises.

This week is likely to see movement in the bottom four positions of the table given the matchups, but there is still the chance that the upper standings may see some movement. Allegiance is in a position where their reputation could do with a win this week, in the hopes to at least move them out of last place. Looking at their matches this week makes their movement very limited, as they are probably the most unlikely team at this point to beat OpTic Gaming. Only time will tell.

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Jordan Aldridge-Payne is an esports journalist for GAMURS and can be reached on Twitter @mrjordanap.