HCS Open Circuit Legendary Cup #4: Preview and Predictions

We missed you, NA HCS action. The fourth Legendary Cup begins Sunday at 1 p.m. Here's what you need to know

Since there was no Fall Season action due to HCS Orange County, the first NA event back from this break is the fourth Legendary Cup held on Sunday, Oct. 16.

Hosted by PGL, this cup will help determine qualification and seeding for the Open Circuit Finals in Las Vegas, and is comprised of the best amateur teams on the circuit. The matches will be best-of-five until the semifinals, where it will be a best-of-seven, and the entire event will be broadcasted live on the PGL Twitch channel.

Most Wanted, 3sUp, Ego Rangers and Solstice technically all qualified for the finals back in Santa Ana, but three of those teams will still compete as they were in the top-eight of the last Legendary Cup.

Due to the break-up of both Elite Four and LU Gaming, only the top-six teams from the past Legendary Cup qualified, with Most Wanted and 3sUp getting byes. The other eight seeds are the top eight teams from the last open cup.

Here is the full bracket, along with how each team qualified:

#1 Most Wanted (first, Legendary Cup #3) vs. BYE

#8 Cads (second, Open Cup #4) vs. #9 CYA (top-four, Open Cup #4)

#4 Don’t Chase Me Bro (fourth, Legendary Cup #3) vs. #13 Transcendent Gaming (top-eight, Open Cup #4)

#5 Contagious (top-sox, Legendary Cup #3) vs. #12 Space Yam (top-eight, Open Cup #4)

#2 3sUp (second, Legendary Cup #3) vs. BYE

#7 JusTus (first, Open Cup #4) vs. #10 Scion Esports (top-four, Open Cup #4)

#3 Shock the World (third, Legendary Cup #3) vs. #14 BTH (top-eight, Open Cup #4)

#6 Ego Rangers (top-eight, Legendary Cup #3) vs. #11 Ineffable (top-eight, Open Cup #4)


Unfortunately for JusTus, who qualifies in the pole open cup position for the second straight tournament, they would have to face 3sUp if they beat Scion Esports. Cads and Sya also don’t have the best road ahead of them, having to upset Most Wanted in order to stay in the winners bracket.

Speaking of that match, because the open cup was a pleasure to watch on Daff’s stream (thank you, Daff), I’m looking forward to the open cup podium fight between Cads and Sya in the opening round, as well as the Space Yam/Contagious matchup, as the Yams try to get into the single digits for open bracket points.

This tournament will hopefully see some fight from the three open bracket teams who already qualified, as they still will jockey for positions at HCS Las Vegas. Most likely, it will be an online rematch between Most Wanted and 3sUp or MW and Ego Rangers in the winners finals, where MW beat both teams back on the early October weekend in Santa Ana.

Here are my full predictions, provided in a handy Challonge bracket: 

And in terms of a standings board, here is how I see it:

  • 1st: Most Wanted – $800, 600 Points
  • 2nd: Ego Rangers – $200, 400 Points
  • 3rd: 3sUp – 300 Points
  • 4th: Shock The World – 200 Points
  • 5th-6th – 175 Points
    • Cads –
    • Space Yam –
  • 7th-8th – 150 Points
    • Don’t Chase Me Bro – 
    • JusTus – 
      Legendary Cup #5 Cut Line

  • 9th-12th – 50 Points
    • Contagious
    • ineffable
    • Scion Esports
    • Sya
  • 13th-14th – 25 Points
    • BTH
    • Transcendent 

Who do you see taking home this Legendary Cup and some sweet Open Circuit Points, as well as $800?

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James Mattone is a journalist for GAMURS and can be contacted by email at [email protected] or on Twitter –@TheJamesMattone.

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