Halo Championship Series Open Circuit details released

The first Placement Cup is just days away.

The best answer to the Patron meta that no one is playing.

Tournament host Millennial Esports has released details about the Halo Championship Series (HCS) Open Circuit Online Qualifiers.

With the first Placement Cup taking place from April 29 to 30 and the second happening from May 6 to 7, competitors will have two opportunities to see how they match up against the rest of the competition prior to UMG Daytona, which is expected to take place from May 12 to 14. UMG Daytona holds a heavy level of significance, due to it being the first open event of the season for competitors. There will be four additional cups spanning from May to early July prior to DreamHack Atlanta, which is being held from July 21 to 23.

The placement cups will unfortunately not feature any prize money. They will, however, impact the seeding for UMG Daytona, with the winner of the second cup receiving a bid in the pro group for Daytona, which is designed for competitors to have less stressful early matches, as they will be playing against significantly higher seeded teams.

Following Daytona, the season cups will have prize money. The first, second, and third cups have a grand total of $6,000 in prize pool distribution, and the fourth and final one will feature a $5,000 prize pool.

With $186,000 in total prize money up for grabs for the entirety of the summer season, and the added factor of the prize pools for Daytona and DreamHack most likely to grow due to crowdfunding, there is a significant amount of money to compete for this season.

After a one month break following the 2017 Halo World Championship, which took place from March 24 to 26, fans and competitors are eager to jump back in on the Halo action.