HCS Las Vegas Day One Recap

Who were the Open Circuit teams that have a shot at the relegation tournament? Catch up on all the action in Las Vegas here.

In an interesting day of Halo, four open circuit teams rose to the occassion to take on Most Wanted, 3sUp and Solstice in the Open Circuit Finals.

Here were the four teams that made it out of the Open Bracket:

Dynasty – Won out of bracket.

6S Gaming – Won out of bracket.

Bittersweet – Lost to 6S in semifinals, defeated Excellence to claim spot.

PNDA Gaming – Lost to Bittersweet in quarterfinals, defeated Scion and Set To Destroy X to claim spot.

The Open Circuit Finals went as follows:

Round 1:

BYE: Dynasty

#8 PNDA Gaming 3 – 1 #1 Most Wanted

#2 3sUp 3 – 1 #7 Bittersweet

#6 6S Gaming 3 – 0 #3 Solstice

Losers Round 1:

BYE: Most Wanted

#7 Bittersweet 3 – 1 #3 Solstice

Winners Semi-Final

#2 3sUp 3 – 0 #6 6S Gaming

Because of several technical issues at the event the Open Circuit finals will resume on Sunday, and will be followed by the Championship Bracket.

6S Gaming will face off against Most Wanted in the Losers Quarter-Final Match, while Bittersweet will play the loser of PNDA Gaming and Dynasty.

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