Hauntzer Helps Carry TSM Past P1: NA LCS Week 3, Day 3 Recap

The NA LCS has concluded its third week of action with the table starting to take shape.

Some of the best and worst teams in the North American League Championship Series hit the rift today. Here’s how those series played out.

(5-1) Team SoloMid 2-1 Phoenix1 (4-2)

Dennis “Svenskeren” Johnsen grabbed first blood for TSM to give his team a slight gold advantage in the early stages of the game. P1 fought back to bring the gold difference closer, but TSM clung to its lead. P1 got the gold lead after successful macro plays and was able to take a Baron. In the team fight after the Baron take, P1 wiped TSM and broke into TSM’s base. P1 was able to easily win the game after that point.

Rami “Inori” Charagh was very active early in game two as he helped P1 get first blood and blew the enemy summoner spells in the duo lane. Despite the early success of Inori, the whole of TSM fought to get back into the game. While taking Baron, TSM was able to win a massive fight that earned them a stronger lead and the Baron buff. TSM struggled to close out the game, which gave P1 an opportunity to take the Baron and multiple turrets. Though it was sloppy, TSM was eventually able to close out the game and tie up the series.

Inori tried a typical Ivern invade at the beginning of game three, but Svenskeren saw it coming and picked up first blood onto Inori. Svenskeren continued to make plays on the map and lead the TSM charge to take a strong gold advantage. Though TSM was continually ahead, P1 kept fighting and never let TSM run all over them. It took a while, but TSM eventually closed the game and won a thrilling series over P1.

(1-5) Team Dignitas 0-2 Counter Logic Gaming (2-4)

CLG took the early lead in game one with two quick kills that turned into a few towers taken. CLG grew their lead with more kills and more towers. A dive in the duo lane turned against CLG, as Dignitas was able to win the team fight and recover some of their deficit. Though Dignitas could win fights, they could not stop CLG from taking turrets. CLG took a Baron but lost all five members in the resulting team fight. Despite a strong split push by Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho , CLG was able to win a long game in tight fashion.

CLG took the early lead again with Dignitas looking out of sorts. CLG played a strong and controlled style that did not allow Dignitas any freedom in the game. CLG looked much better than they had so far this season and Dignitas continued to flounder. CLG took a clean 2-0 to improve their record.

(2-4) Imortals 0-2 FlyQuest (5-1)

FlyQuest took an early lead in game one, but Immortals quickly closed the deficit. Despite making it a closer game, Immortals fell further behind after a lost team fight. FlyQuest eventually controlled the game and slowly took down Immortals, taking the game one victory.

FlyQuest jumped out to another early lead in game two with two kills. Hai “Hai” Du Lam quickly began to dominate on Zed, getting five kills without dying. FlyQuest took their lead and never looked back. They took a commanding game two win over Immortals and the series victory.

(6-0) Cloud9 2-0 Echo Fox (2-3)

C9 started the game on the front-foot with a first blood kill from Jung “Impact” Eon-yeong. Though Echo Fox fought back early, C9 eventually outpaced them and took a massive lead in the match. C9 took the first match quickly, looking like the dominant team they have been so far this season.

The second game began with a C9 lead due to another first blood. Echo Fox closed down that lead, having another good early game like they have for most of the split. Fox eventually took the lead after getting a few kills, but C9 retook their lead and shut out Echo Fox to take a 2-0 sweep and stay undefeated.

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Image via Riot Flickr