H2k-Gaming LCS Introduction

H2K,one of the newest additions to the LCS is looking to start strong and show why they have been considered the best EU Challenger Series team for 2 splits in a row.

H2K,one of the newest additions to the LCS is looking to start strong and show why they have been considered the best EU Challenger Series team for 2 splits in a row.

H2k’s toplaner,Odoamne,is one of the rising stars of European League of Legends.The Romanian player is one of the best from his team,always doing his job and always trying to expand his champion pool.Even before joining the LCS he proved himself as one of the best top laners in Europe by always maintaining himself high on the Challenger Ladder of EUW thus showing a number of qualities that will help him in LCS.He is for sure one of the players you should keep an eye on during the Spring Split.

Loulex comes to H2k bringing LCS experience from his time on Gambit during the Summer Split.He is a solid jungler with moderate impact on the game.Even if he is not necessarily a strong point of H2k,he will not drag the team down and will always be there to do his part.He also played for the Challenger Series team Ninjas in Pyjamas.

With the departure of Febiven to Fnatic they picked up Ryu which could be seen as a downgrade considering that the former top 2 midlaner of Korea hasn’t played anything out of the ordinary during his stay on Millenium and ROCCAT.We cannot deny his vast experience and mechanical ability but in order for him to be a positive addition to the team he needs to step up his game and work on his communication with the team.

Hjärnan is a player that has been together with Voidle and Odoamne since the Cloud9 Eclipse days.Technically he has been the best AD carry not to play in LCS since the Spring Split of 2014.He has two accounts in the top 35 of the EUW Challenger Ladder showing us that he is a very mechanically skilled ADC with potential to grow into a top European ADC after he gains LCS experience.

The support role is filled by Voidle,another Ex-Gambit player.He is a player with both LCS and Worlds experience.He qualified with Gambit to Worlds from 3rd place and exceeded expectations there by placing 6th(5th-8th) and winning 75,000 dollars.He is an all-round great support with a lot of knowledge of the game,a great deal of mechanical skill and an already established syngergy with Hjärnan.He is currently 4th in the European Challenger Ladder,very impressive especially coming from a support main.

H2k-Gaming prepared for LCS by bringing ex-compLexity.Black midlaner PR0LLY as a coach and Brokenshard ex-jungler of SK Gaming Prime,Copenhagen Wolves,Gamers2 and former teammate of PR0LLY at compLexity Gaming as a Coach/Analyst

Historically this roster never won a single game against a LCS team.In both of their best of 5’s against SUPA HOT CREW and Copenhagen Wolves they choked and were unable to perform at the level they should have.

Flashback to January 4th of 2014 the team Cloud 9 HyperX Eclipse is formed with the players Odoamne in the top lane,k0u in the jungle,Febiven in the mid lane,Hjärnan as ADC and Voidle as support.The team replaced k0u in the jungle with ihazballz and Santorin for the 2014 Spring Challenger Series #2 and 2014 EU LCS Summer Promotion.

This team placed 1st in 4 amateur tournaments(International Invitational Tournament 3,2014 Black Monster Cup Spring Europe,EUW Challenger series #20,SCAN EUW Winter Invitational)and finished second in one(Copenhagen Games 2014)winning roughly 19,920 US dollars.

(above you can see Supa Hot Crew vs Cloud 9 Eclipse Highlights games 1 to 3)

They won the 2014 EU Challenger Series Spring #1 and placed 5-8th in Series #2.With 11 points in total they got second overall and won the Challenger Series Spring Play-off by beating Denial.EU and Ninjas in Pyjamas which placed first overall with 19 points.During the 2014 EU LCS Summer Promotion they got 3-0’ed by SUPA HOT CREW in a convincing series.The players choked on the big stage being outclassed and unable to show the level of play they had during the Challenger Series.

(above you can see Copenhagen Wolves vs H2k-Gaming Highlights games 1 to 3)

Under the name of H2k-Gaming Odoamne,Febiven and Hjärnan joined by the two supports AoD,wewillfailer and the jungler Trashy dominated the Challenger Series by placing first and fourth in the Challenger Series Summer #1 and #2 accumulating 16 points.They then lost the promotion series against Copenhagen Wolves without winning a single game and placed their hopes in the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament

(above you can see H2k-Gaming vs nfaculty! Highlights games 1 to 3)

(above you can see H2k-Gaming vs GIANTS! Highlights)

Before the 2015 Spring Expansion Tournament AoD and Trashy got replaced by Voidle who returned to play with Hjärnan after 5 months and the jungler loulex which came from Ninjas and Pyjamas.They ended up beating nfaculty! and GIANTS in two convincing 3-0 series and qualified to the LCS.

The core members of H2k-Gaming are Odoamne,Voidle and Hjärnan which have been playing with one another for a little more than a year.Voidle did leave C9E for Ninjas in Pyjamas for 5 months but later returned to H2k-Gaming.These members are key in order for the team to succeed in the LCS.I can see them managing to be a middle of the pack team with potential to have great games against the likes of ROCCAT,Alliance and SK.