Glitch 8 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: Live results and standings

Another Major means a lot of matches to keep up with.

Screengrab via ZeRo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is off to a strong start with a second Major tournament underway already. Glitch 8 is pitting the best players in the world against each other early on. 

Just like at Let’s Make Big Moves, most of the top players are in attendance at Glitch 8, competing in everything from Singles to Squad Strike. And even if the tournament doesn’t end up being S-tier, it will still be a big set of placements in the first 2020 set of rankings. 

Every Smash Major has a hand full of events to watch, which means it is hard to keep track of every player that ends up placing well in side events like Squad Strike and the main brackets. So if you want to keep up to date with what players are doing well in each event, here’s a list of live results and standings for each of them. 

These standings exclude community brackets and any events not officially streamed on one of the Glitch 8 schedule blocks. 


FirstGavin “Tweek” Dempsey3-1 over Dark Wizzy [Grand Finals Bracket Reset]
SecondRasheen “Dark Wizzy” Rose1-3 to Tweek [Grand Finals Bracket Reset]
ThirdEric “ESAM” Lew1-3 to Dark Wizzy
FourthBrian “Cosmos” Kalu2-3 to ESAM
FifthSamuel “Dabuz” Buzby2-3 to Cosmos
FifthGuillermo “Stroder” Martinez Jr0-3 to ESAM
SeventhDillon “Dill” R.0-3 to Cosmos
SeventhEric “Mr.E” Weber1-3 to ESAM


PlacementPlayer OnePlayer TwoResults
FirstEric “ESAM” LewJestise “MVD” Negron3-0 over Cosmos and Maister
SecondBrian “Cosmos” KaluEnrique “Maister” Hernández Solís0-3 to ESAM and MVD
ThirdEmeka “Mekos” AnaziaTroy “Puppeh” Wells0-3 to Cosmos and Maister
FourthRasheen “Dark Wizzy” RoseParis “Light” Ramirez2-3 to Cosmos and Maister
FifthMatthew “Bankai” RichardsTarik Fayazi 1-2 to Cosmos and Maister
FifthLukas “Yetey” Hofbauer Aaron “Blacktwins13” Grandison-Vargas0-2 to Dark Wizzy and Light
SeventhJonathan “Jw” WolduGuillermo “Stroder” Martinez Jr.0-2 to Yetey and Blacktwins13
SeventhJon SuarezCarlos “Raptor” Vanegas1-2 to Cosmos and Maister

Squad Strike

FirstGavin “Tweek” Dempsey3-1 over ESAM
SecondEric “ESAM” Lew1-3 to Tweek
ThirdRasheen “Dark Wizzy” Rose1-3 to ESAM
FourthEnrique “Maister” Hernández Solís2-3 to Dark Wizzy
FifthJoseph “Seagull Joe” Raucher0-2 to Dark Wizzy
FifthThomas “Mr. Mojo Risin’” Mortensen1-2 to Maister
SeventhBrent “DM” Lee1-2 to Dark Wizzy
SeventhMatthew “NoTag” Scott0-2 to Maister