Get Bronco Gets A New Face

Roster continue to change as the oncoming Gears 4 season nears in, as Get Bronco picks up Celend

Another Gears esports roster haschanged today with Get Bronco, formerly known as Kingsmen, droppingDillon “Legend” Gray in favor of Ethan “Celend”McMasters. I spoke with Tanner “Rain”Ethridge, a member of Get Bronco, to see if he was more confidentwith this roster and here’s what he had to say:

I’m feeling infinitely moreconfident in this lineup. Out of respect for Legend, I might [not]go too much into what was missing with the old lineup, but we justdidn’t have “it.” I’m no fool, I was well aware that the picking upof Celend would not be a popular one and would probably draw thecrosshairs for jokes and insults on Twitter and what not. It reallycomes down to this; we are confident in what Celend brings to thetable. He’s a smart dude, regardless of what other people thinkabout him. He has a really good understanding of the game,especially respawn gametypes, and with Escalation being the mainfocus of the new title, I feel like that is unquantifiable in itsvalue.

I also wanted to get Legend’sperspective on the matter

Well I’ve been friends with[Brad] DPoints [Willink] for about 10 years. I feel like they didme dirty and I wasn’t at all the problem on the team. Because theonly qualifier we played in as a full team we got 5-8th. Theybasically acted super shady the last week because I haven’t been onand appeared offline yesterday just to drop the news on me. Idefinitely feel like I will prove a point every time I play themfrom here on out.

Roster changes always make forgreat new rivalries and, though Legend does not currently have anew team, it should be interesting to see how the twoparties faceoff against each other in the upcomingseason. 

The current Get Bronco roster isas follows:

Did the members of Get Bronco make the right decision bydropping Legend and picking up Celend? Let us know in the commentsbelow or on our Twitter – @GAMURScom.

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