FORG1VEN open to returning to competitive League

The player will not compete in Europe, however.

Four months after leaving competitive League of Legends behind, it appears that one of the game’s most infamous players is open to the idea of competing once again.

Currently competing in the Greek LGC league, Konstantinos “FORG1VEN” Tzortziou tweeted on March 23 that he was open to any offers from established teams. That is, as long as the offers aren’t from teams based in Europe, the region the Greek AD Carry has competed in for the majority of his four-year career.

FORG1VEN also mentioned in a tweet that he is happy with his current life away from competitive League, and is in no rush to return. The Greek player was last seen competing alongside H2K during the team’s semifinals run at the 2016 League World Championship, which was ended by eventual second-place finishers Samsung Galaxy.

But despite his competitive success, FORG1VEN has also garnered a reputation for creating friction in team environments—something that has caused him trouble in the past, as Riot Games has issued competitive rulings to the 24-year-old on two separate occasions.

FORG1VEN also faced major issues in the Spring Split of 2016, albeit not game-related. Instead, the player received a conscription letter from the Greek army, asking him to return to his native Greece before the conclusion of the ongoing Spring Split. On March 3, however, the player successfully had his conscription temporarily deferred, although it’s not known for how long.

The prospect of FORG1VEN competing outside of Europe is certainly an interesting one, so let’s hope it happens.