Fnatic vs NiP By The Numbers

Statistical analysis of the FNC vs NiP matchup

Sweden has long dominated the Counter Strike landscape with Fnatic and NiP at the forefront of it all. While the Ninjas were insurmountable during the former half of CSGO’s lifespan; piling up trophies and setting unimaginable records — Fnatic would soon eclipse their Swedish rivals, setting their own records and establishing themselves as the greatest dynasty CSGO had ever seen while. 

Since the inception of the original Fnatic dynasty, NiP and Fnatic have faced off against each other on 59 maps consolidating to 14 best of series and amounting to a grand total of 1588 rounds. 

Of the maps they’ve played 25 have been online with Fnatic securing victories in 15 of them. A 15-10 record sets Fnatic with a 60% winrate in online maps against the Ninjas in Pyjamas. Offline is a more menacing story; a total of 34 maps have been played offline and impressively Fnatic have eclipsed their 60% online winrate with a dominant 67.6% offline winrate with a record of 23-11. Across both online and offline competition the record adds up to 38-21 with Fnatic maintaining a 64.4% winrate. 

In terms of series matches, Fnatic and NiP have played 4 best of series online with fnatic winning 3 out of 4 (75% winrate), and 10 best of series offline with Fnatic boasting a 7-3 record(70% winrate). While the vast majority of the matches played were best of 3, two best of 5’s have been played; one offline and one online with each team landing a victory. 

Online Fnatic have averaged 13.6 rounds against NiP’s 12.6 where as offline the discrepancy is even more pronounced with Fnatic averaging 14.9 against the Ninja’s 12.5. Out of 1588 rounds played Fnatic have won 848(53.4%) whereas NiP have secured 740(46.6%). 

In NiP’s online victories Fnatic average 9.2 rounds. In Fnatic’s online victories NiP average 10.3 rounds. 

In NiP’s offline victories Fnatic average 12.7 rounds. In Fnatic’s offline victories NiP average 10.3 rounds. 

The most popular maps in this matchup are inferno and dust 2. 

Online inferno has been played 7 times with both cache and dust 2 played twice each. Fnatic hold the advantage on inferno with a 4-3 record (57.1% winrate). Cache sits at 3-2 in favour of NiP (60% winrate) and dust2 lies with fnatic with a 4-1 record (80%) winrate. Here’s a chart to help visualize the distribution of maps: 

Offline dust2 is the most popular map having been played 8 times with Fnatic securing a 6-2 record(75% winrate). The next most popular map is again inferno with 7 games being played on it and fnatic coming out the victor in 5 of them (71.4% winrate). Mirage comes third with 6 maps played and cobblestone and cache come next with 4 each. Here’s a chart to exemplify the distribution: 

While Fnatic clearly dominate this matchup, cache seems to be NiP’s playground as it’s the only map they hold an advantage on. 

Fnatic have eclipsed NiP’s former era and they forged themselves their own legacy while completely demolishing NiP in the process. The saving grace for the Ninjas is their victory at ESL One Cologne 2014 where they managed to clinch on to their first Major victory, which happens to be the only time NiP have beaten Fnatic in a final. 



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