Fnatic vs Luminosity By The Numbers

A historical statistical overview of the Fnatic vs LG matchup. The overview will take into consideration both Fnatic dynasties and all the matchups they've had vs the Brasillian core.

Image by Carlton Beener via ESL/Flickr

Unsurprisingly Luminosity have played the fewest matches against Fnatic and as you’d expect with Luminosity being a Brasillian team, all the matches they have played have been played offline. Unfortunately, having taken all the statistics from HLTV, LG’s upset victories at clutchon and x-games haven’t been accounted for. As such only the matches since ESL ESEA Pro League Season 1 have been included in the statistics. 

Regardless of the fact Luminosity are reigning World Champions, they currently hold the worst record against Fnatic out of the top teams (Astralis, NiP, Na`Vi, VP and EnVy). According to recorded statistics on HLTV, Fnatic and Luminosity have faced off against each other 16 times with Fnatic coming out on top in 12 out of 16 matches leaving them with a 75% map winrate against the Brasillian heroes. Thus far Fnatic and Luminosity have played 5 best of series with Fnatic securing every one of them leaving them with a 100% winrate in best of series vs Luminosity’s 0% winrate. Two of Luminosity’s map victories come in the form of best of one upsets in group stages at Dreamhack Cluj Napoca and IEM katowice ending 16-13 and 16-12 respectively; both matches were played on inferno. 

The 16 maps have amounted to 419 rounds with Fnatic winning 241(57.5%) against Luminosity’s 178(42.5). On average Fnatic secure 15.1 rounds in the matches they played vs Luminosity’s 11.1. In Luminosity’s victories Fnatic have averaged 10 rounds whereas in Fnatic’s victories Luminosity have avevraged 9.5 rounds. The averag victory has ended 16.6:9.6(3 overtimes have been played and Fnatic have come out on top in all of them). An intersting fact to note is Luminosity have never been able to secure two consecutive map victories over Fnatic. 

Of the maps played Inferno is yet again the most popular map having been played in 6/16(37.5%) matches. Fnatic have won 4/6(66.7%) of the games played on inferno. Train is the next most popular map but it has only been played half as often with 3/16(18.6%). Fnatic again hold 66.7% winrate winning 2 out of 3 of the train games. Cache and mirage come up next with 2 maps played each, and overpass, cobblestone and dust2 close it out with each map being played only once. The one time dust2 was played at FACEIT Strage 3 Finals at Dreamhack Winter Fnatic ended with a scoreline of 16:0 and since then Luminosity have opted to permanently veto dust2 in nearly all their matches. Here’s a chart to show the map distribution: 

Statistically it would seem that Fnatic have dominated Luminosity with an incredible 75% winrate in maps and 100% winrate in best of series, however, stats aren’t everything. Luminosity have played some incredibly close matches that likely should’ve gone their way e.g; both overtimes in the IEM katowice finals where Fnatic came back from 12:3 defecits at half time. Luminosity vs Fnatic has certainly been an incredible spectacle and this is one of the situations where statistics doesn’t adequately represent how close and entertaining the match up is. 



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