Fnatic vs EnVyUs By The Numbers

A statistical overview of the fnatic vs ldlc/envy matchup

Hundreds of players hoped to compete in the Capcom Cup.

The latter half of 2014 and most of 2015 saw Fnatic and EnVyUs contending for their spot at the top of the Counter Strike rankings. In this article we’ll be taking a look at some of the head to head statistics between the two foes. 

I’ll be including all matches since the formation of the original dominant Fnatic lineup. 


Fnatic started off their endeavour against EnVyUs(then LDLC) with successive victories in best of one’s on cache defeating their counter parts 16-8 and 16-5 respectively. Fnatic and EnVyUs(then LDLC) played their first bo3 in the Hitbox Arena Championship 3 semi-finals with cache, dust2 and inferno set as the maps. The Swedes started out strong picking up their third consecutive map win on cache but went on to drop the next maps. EnVy’s 16-5 victory on inferno awarded with the first bo3 victory against their longstanding rivals.

EnVy went on to secure a second bo3 the week after leaving them with a 2-0 record against the swedish titans Fnatic went on to recover securing a best of 3 at Fragbite Masters Season 4 and a best of 5 at the Aftonbladet Fight Night #2 showmatch. That leaves the FNC and nV online best of series record at 2-2.

Unsurprisingly Inferno was the most played map between these two juggernaut teams 1/3rd of the matches being played on it; astonishingly fnatic have a 77.8% winrate in the online matchup on inferno winning 7/9 matches. Cache was the second most popular map 7/27 games being played on it. Yet again Fnatic hold the advantage with 4 wins and 3 losses resulting in a 57.1% winrate against their French counterparts. Here is a chart showcasing the distribution of the maps played online: 

EnVyus/LDLC have not faired well in map statistics winning only 11/27 of their online maps, that leaves fnatic with 16/27 maps; a 59.3% winrate vs EnVyUs’ 40.7%. Fnatic and EnVyUs have played a total of 27 maps which has resulted in 672 rounds with fnatic winning 345 and EnVyUs winning 327; 51.3% of rounds vs 48.7%. Fnatic averaged 12.8 rounds in their 27 matches and EnVyUs/LDLC fell slightly behind with an average of 12.1. EnVyUs averaged 12 rounds in fnatic’s victories and Fnatic averaged 12.4 in EnVyUs’ victories. 

Overall Fnatic clearly have the edge online.


Over their careers Fnatic has faced off againt EnVyUs in offline best of series 11 times with Fnatic edging EnVyUs out 6-5(however one of EnVyUs wins is a forfeit victory at Dreamhack Winter 2014). Fnatics offline showing was dominant for the first half of this rivalry winning 6 out of 7 of the first best of series with only the forfeit loss at Dreamhack Winter to ruin their record. The latter half of the rivalry has been dominated by EnVyUs with them winning the last 4 best of series including a best of 5 at Gfinity Champion of Champions. 

Fnatic and EnVyUs have played a total of 35 maps offline with Fnatic winning 21 of them leaving them with a 60% over EnVyUs/LDLC in maps offline. 35 maps have resulted in a total of 911 rounds with Fnatic winning 461 and EnVyUs winning 450; an incrredibly close 50.6% vs 49.4% record. Fnatic have averaged 13.2 rounds against EnVyUs whereas EnVy have managed 12.9 rounds on average. Again EnVyUs average 12.9 rounds in Fnatic’s victories meanwhie Fnatic have averaged only 12.5 rounds in EnVyUs victories meaning EnVyUs have been slightly more convincing in the matches they’ve won. 

As for map statistics, the maps are much more evenly distributed with cache, mirage and inferno at the top each being played 6 times. Fnatic have won cache 4/6 times(66.7% winrate); mirage 4/6 times(66.7% winrate); and inferno 3/6 times(50% winrate). Cobblestone has been played 5 times and EnVyUs hold 3 victories against fnatic’s 2 leaving EnVyUs with a 60% winrate on cobble. Here’s a diagram of the map distribution:

With a 60% winrate in maps and a 6-5 record in best of series it’s clear that Fnatic also hold the advantage offline against EnVyUs/LDLC. 



In total Fnatic have played EnVyUs on 62 maps both online and offline with Fnatic winning 37(59.7%) and EnVyUs winning 25(40.3%). They’ve played a total of 1583 rounds with Fnatic maintaining 806(50.9%) and EnVyUs maintaining 777(49.1%). Inferno and Cache are by far the two most popular maps having been played 28/62 times(45.2%). While the competition between the two rivals was fun it’s quite clear that Fnatic come out heavily in favour with more map wins, more series wins, more tournament wins, higher average rounds and a better winrate on the most popular maps. Sorry EnVyUs fans but Fnatic have just been better both online and offline. 




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