Fnatic: Infrastructure and Subs

Fnatic has some interesting plans for their next season of LoL.

With the new season yet to start and rosters still a long way from being locked in, the manager of Fnatic’s League of Legends team has come out to give fans and players a look at what they might get if they were to join the Fnatic squad (a potential advertisement of sorts for the three roles they have to fill).

Fnatic is looking to upgrade their infrastructure with supposed new offices, training centers and more staff to keep up with to the changing structure of the esports scene as a whole. 

Surprisingly, they will also be looking to acquire players to substitute for every role next split, bringing in the possibility of a shifting roster, similar to what LCK teams do on a common basis. This should be interesting to see, as it might give pro players a chance to rest and not get burned out over the course of the year, as well as giving players a chance to vacation and take time off when needed, depending on how the season is going.

It definitely seems like interesting times are ahead for Fnatic.

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