Fnatic signs with Chinese esports agency to expand in Asia

The hugely popular European franchise is hoping to expand its reach in China.

Fnatic is entering a strategic partnership with Chinese esports agency B.O.O.T, to further expands its footprint in Asia, the organization announced today.

The EU-based organization is, according to its own statement, already among the largest and most-recognized Western brands in Asia. The partnership with B.O.O.T is expected to strengthen its position.

“We are very excited to launch this strategic partnership with B.O.O.T, and we look forward to pushing the global boundaries of esports together,” Fnatic’s Chief Gaming Officer Patrik Sattermon said in the press release.

“Fnatic and B.O.O.T share the same vision of making esports more global, and this partnership will allow us to bridge the gap and close the distance between Western and Eastern esports.”

The partnership emerged as a result of one of Fnatic’s former legendary players, Harley “dsn” Orvall, joining B.O.O.T in Oct. 2016 and, later, connecting the agency with his former longtime teammate, Sattermon.

The Chinese agency is set to distribute Fnatic content on social media channels, including content specifically geared towards the Chinese audience. Additionally, “B.O.O.T will assist with business development and video content marketing to further improve Fnatic’s brand within the country,” the press release reads.

Fnatic and B.O.O.T want to deepen the partnership in the years to come. The partners already discussing licensing gear, an academy program, and other business opportunities.

China, together with Korea, represents about a quarter of the global esports market, and it’s growing at a rapid pace.