5 Apex Legends teams to watch at the $10,000 SteelSeries Prime Invitational⁠

The best and brightest Australia and Asia-Pacific stars will be on full display.

Images via SteelSeries/Respawn Entertainment

Nearly two dozen Apex Legends teams from across Oceania and Asia-Pacific will clash this Easter weekend for a chance at $10,000 in the SteelSeries Prime Invitational⁠. Here are the top five contenders you should tune in to watch.

This post was supported by SteelSeries and the SteelSeries Prime Invitational.

SteelSeries is certainly putting on a show for Asia-Pacific Apex fans this Easter long weekend⁠—all the big dogs in the southern region are coming out to play.

That includes several star-studded lineups preparing for the illustrious ALGS: 2022 Split Two Playoffs in Stockholm this month and a number of rusted-on Apex victors who regularly shine bright in the biggest Oceanic battles. There’s no shortage of dominant battle royale talent at the SteelSeries tourney.

Without further ado, here are the top teams to watch this weekend.

Reignite 🇦🇺

Roster: Zer0, Genburten, Sharky

Japanese-owned, Aussie-populated Reignite are certainly favorites heading into this weekend’s $10k tournament. Zer0 and Genburten haven’t missed a step despite bringing in Sharky and beat out several of the region’s heavy-hitters to top-place in APAC South’s ALGS 2022 Split Two Pro League last month.

Reignite are looking to clock up their 26th first-place finish this week.

Sutoraiku 🇦🇺

Roster: BulletL, Wxltzy, Fussy

Like Reignite, Aussie-heavy Sutoraiku will be using this SteelSeries tourney as a much-needed warm-up ahead of Stockholm at the end of the month. The squad⁠—BulletL, Wxltwzy, and Fussy⁠—have already raked in $13,000 for their Apex efforts this year, and will be hunting the top prize this Easter.

Bloodhound mains, make sure you keep a close eye on Sutoraiku. Wxltzy favors the Technological Tracker and may pick the hunter where he can this weekend.

Inside The Ring⁠ 🇹🇭


Thailand’s top Apex squad may have had a rocky 2022 so far, finishing 6th in ALGS Split One Playoffs and then missing the Split Two postseason entirely but, if given half a chance, EMILIAZII, SABER, and ApexSQL can bring the heat across any match. This SteelSeries meeting could provide the reset they need to kick-start their season if they can scoop up a high-rank finish.

Primis Komanda⁠ 🇮🇩

Roster: Heeeiii, LittleArif, ⁠StrafingFlame

This mixed Indonesian/Malaysian lineup may not have big wins in the trophy cabinet like some of their SteelSeries Prime Invitational rivals, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be coming to play. The Southeast Asian squad took a hit to their pride in ALGS Splits One and Two this year with 14th and 20th-place finishes. Expect them to bounce back soon enough.

Team Burger 🇦🇺

Roster: Emtee, Prycyy, Jaro

The “Burger” trio fit together like meat, cheese, and buns, a fact they quickly proved in the Split 2 Playoffs after bringing Joshua “Jaro” Green in last month. Their third-place finish in the APAC South postseason has punched them a ticket straight to Stockholm⁠—their debut S-Tier event⁠—and the SteelSeries Invitational is the perfect chance to see the patty-themed squad flex their muscles pre-LAN.

⁠All up, 20 top-tier Apex teams have been invited to play six matches across Saturday and Sunday in a bid to claim a slice of $10,000. Aussie creator Brad “b_rad” Lusher will host the event, with international casters James “Jamerson” Lee and Rafael “DiA” Ruiz commentating all the in-game plays.

The Apex event will be live on the SteelSeries Twitch account from Saturday.

This post was supported by SteelSeries and the SteelSeries Prime Invitational.