FaZe reach the StarSeries Season 3 grand final

The European squad won a nail-bitingly close series against HellRaisers.

Another grand final awaits one of the fastest growing success stories in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

FaZe Clan took down HellRaisers in two consecutive maps in the StarSeries Season 3 semifinals, sending the European to squad to its second consecutive grand final in one month’s time.

Both maps of the series, Mirage and Train, ended up being all-out brawls between the two teams. The series opener was particularly exciting, as FaZe Clan staged an impressive comeback in the second half—winning 10 rounds in total against HellRaisers, ending the map with a 16-13 scoreline.

But out of boths maps, series-closer Train was the most exciting. Starting out with a dominant first half from FaZe, HellRaisers mounted a massive comeback on the CT-side—dredging their way out of a 12-3 deficit to threatening FaZe with an overtime scenario. FaZe rebounded just in time, however, and denied HellRaisers’ the opportunity of stretching the game out any further, and ended the series with a 16-14 victory.

But while FaZe’s position as one of the top teams in the world has been further cemented with their victory, HellRaisers’ top eight finish is one of the most impressive performances of the event. As the sole team from the qualifiers to reach the playoffs, HellRaisers’ journey through StarSeries Season 3 saw the team take down teams such as NiP and North, performances few may have expected from the Eastern European squad.

FaZe will be joined by either ELEAGUE Major champions Astralis, or hometown heroes Na`Vi in a mouthwatering final later today.