Faker finds out what happens when 2 Mordekaiser ultimates are used at once in League of Legends

And it’s hilarious.

Photo via Riot Games

League of Legends champion Mordekaiser banishes enemies to the Realm of Death with his ultimate, putting himself in a one-versus-one scenario with his opponent. But what happens when a second Mordekaiser ultimate is used in the same space?

SK Telecom T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok found out first hand in his Twitch stream today after he stole the enemy Morde’s ultimate with Sylas.

After the opposing Mordekaiser uses his ultimate on one of Faker’s teammates, the pro mid laner counters with one of his own. With the stolen ultimate, Faker banishes the enemy Lucian into the netherrealm and finds his teammate, along with Mordekaiser, duking it out.

SKT’s mid laner came to the rescue, taking out both enemies in the ring of fire and saving the teamfight.

It seems that Mordekaiser’s ultimate only has one universal location. If five Mordekaisers used their Realm of Death at the same time and location, they would all presumably be transported to the same realm.

Each ultimate has its own radius and ring, however.

“The zones in death realm are all simultaneous, but you can only see the boundary of your own,” one fan explained in the comments of a Reddit post. “This means that they won’t add together to a single, big one, however if 2 morde ults are cast near each other the majority of the area of the zone(s) does overlap.”

If this interaction proves anything, it’s that there’s only one Realm of Death.