Evo Japan won’t begin until January 2018, but a preview event is coming this May

When will we see the world’s premiere fighting tournament hit the land of the rising sun?

The top brass of fighting game entertainment is finally hitting Japan. Evolution Japan will Kick off at from Jan. 26 to 28 next year at Akihabara UDX, a major complex and event center in the heart of Tokyo.

It is the first time the legendary fighting game event will be hosted in Japan. Evo didn’t reveal which games would feature at the event.

To give the Japanese market a taste of the Evo experience, the tournament is organizing a special event this May. Called “sai,” the event will run from May 20 to 21. It’ll be held at the same location and will feature Tekken 7, Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2, and a mystery third game.

Sài offers no prize money and it meant to be a smaller tournament, using the double-elimination format. The event will be an open tournament with no seeding based on skill level. Evo said it will reveal more information at a later date

Noriyuki Kaneko, the chairman of Evo Japan, said that Evo is more than just “the world’s biggest open gaming tournament.” For Kaneko, the tournament is also a platform for each fighting game community. “Evo Japan will work to unite these many communities and fighting gamers from all over the world as well,” Kaneko said.