European teams decided for the Overwatch World Cup

The European Qualifier has ended to decide which teams will represent Europe in the Overwatch World Cup which will take place Nov. 5-6.

Twelve teams battled it out in the European Qualifier to see who will represent Europe in the Overwatch World Cup. The Overwatch World Cup, which has been put together by Blizzard themselves, will showcase the amazing talent from all over the world. Each country got to vote to see who will participate on the team representing them. The countries from Europe that were picked to play were as follows:

Germany vs. Iceland

FInland vs. Benelux

France vs. Turkey

Sweden vs. Italy

Russia vs. Norway

Spain vs. CIS&Baltic

These countries faced off and the winner of each match moved on to represent Europe in the World Cup event. The winners were Germany, France, Russia, Italy, Spain, Finland, and Sweden. For more information on the rosters of these teams and what the groups currently look like, you can visit <a href="http://www.gosugamers.net/overwatch/events/576-overwatch-world-cup" target="blank”>this site.

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