EU Challenger Series Starts in Seven Days

The European Challenger Series, the second tier of the LCS competition, seems to be starting in seven days.

Image via Daybreak Games

The European Challenger Series, the second tier of LCS competition, start date was released, but not from Riot Games. Instead, it was revealed that the EU CS will be starting in seven days, according to PSG Esports’ Twitter account. 

It is surprising to hear more from a team than Riot themselves on when the EU Challenger Series will start. This news follows multiple times that Riot has failed to advertise information regarding the EU LCS and CS this year, as it seems to be prioritizing North America’s league over EU. As a result, several fans are not happy for having a lack of information about the scene, or having said information given to them at the last minute from a team or another source.

Regardless, League of Legends fans everywhere can now look forward to seeing some great EU CS action in one week. 

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