Esports Minor League: Fall 2016 Week 3, Day 1 Recap

Missed your flight back home from Burbank and couldn't watch the Esports Minor League on your airport wifi? Don't worry, we have you covered.

After a crazy weekend in Burbank, the ESML came back in full force for its third week of play, as several teams had to start their climb up from the four team 1-3 basement.

Here’s how the four-piece of matches went down Monday night.

Match One:

Dynasty vs. Solstice

With Triton being a substitute for Solstice, Dynasty’s opposition had a few chances in this series, and even took away a slayer thanks to a 17 kill game from Dominic “BotchyHawk” Demillo…

But it wasn’t enough to take down Hunter “BxbyJ” Schline and company, who held off a late comeback in Strongholds as well as a late capture in the second CTF on Coliseum.

Game One: CTF – Fathom

Game Final: DYN 3 – 2 SOL

Match Score: DYN 1 – 0 SOL

Game Two: Slayer – Plaza

Game Final: SOL 50 – 43 DYN

Match Score: SOL 1 – 1 DYN

Game Three: Strongholds – Plaza

Game Final: DYN 100 – 53 SOL

Match Score: DYN 2 – 1 SOL

Game Four: CTF – Coliseum

Game Final: DYN 3 – 1 SOL

Match Final: DYN 3 – 1 SOL

Match Two:

Most Wanted vs. Scion Esports

This was a rather fast series.

If you need an equation to determine how fast this went, take a Ryan “RyaNoob” Geddes 17 kill game with a coast-to-coast game winner for CTF, divide a steak dinner amongst the four Most Wanted members, and then add a 90+ Strongholds victory.

Most Wanted continued to prove that it is a top-two team in this league, and Scion did not know what hit them.

Game One: CTF – Truth

Game Final: MW 3 – 0 SCI

Match Score: MW 1 – 0 SCI

Game Two: Slayer – Coliseum

Game Final: MW 50 – 26 SCI

Match Score: MW 2 – 0 SCI

Game Three: Strongholds – Plaza

Game Final: MW 100 – 8 SCI 

Match Final: MW 3 – 0 SCI

Match Three:

Abusement Park vs. PNDA Gaming

Before the series began, Joseph “SickStory” Ebbs and company took to Twitter to call their shot.

Yeah… It didn’t work.

PNDA Gaming stomped in with a hot 3-0 to start the series, despite the young gun Michael “Daffs” Mahany getting a triple kill to try and stop the bleeding.

The Abusement Park did have a lead in the second game, but PNDA roared back into the game with a 20-9 run to put the Park on the ropes.

And then right when it seemed to be a perfect 3-0, Abusement Park completely dominated in Strongholds. PNDA may have thought the series was over at that point, but that small amount of fight is promising despite the following overtime loss.

Game One: CTF – Coliseum

Game Final: PNDA 3 – 0 AbP

Match Score: PNDA 1 – 0 AbP

Game Two: Slayer – Eden

Game Final: PNDA 50 – 40 AbP

Match Score: PNDA 2 – 0 AbP

Game Three: Strongholds – Empire

Game Final: AbP 100 – 80 PNDA

Match Score: PNDA 2 – 1 AbP

Game Four: CTF – Fathom

Game Final: PNDA 3 – 2 AbP in OT

Match Final: PNDA 3 – 1 AbP

Match Four:

Fly Society vs. 3sUp

Well… 3sUp were already in a bad mood after losing in Burbank, so they planned on going hard in their first game back in the Minors. And that they did.

To Fly Society’s credit, they continued to hold back 3sUp and kept game two close, but by the time 3sUp were rolling, they could not be stopped in the final two games of the night.

It may leave another scratch on 3sUp in terms of game count, but they still sit with a perfect record at the top of the table.

Game One: CTF – Fathom

Game Final: FS 3 – 0 3sUp

Match Score: FS 1 – 0 3sUp

Game Two: Slayer – Coliseum

Game Final: 3sUp 50 – 44 FS

Match Score: FS 1 – 1 3sUp

Game Three: Strongholds – The Rig

Game Final: 3sUp 100 – 27 FS

Match Score: 3sUp 2 – 1 FS

Game Four: CTF – Coliseum

Game Final: 3sUp 3 – 0 FS

Match Final: 3sUp 3 – 1 FS

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