ENCE, Mouz, and NRG pick up wins in day two of StarSeries Season Six

Tomorrow, two teams are going to the playoffs and two more are being sent home.

Photo via StarLadder

The first 2-0 and 0-2 matches are now set after day two of CS:GO action at StarSeries Season Six.

ENCE Esports, Mousesports, Fragsters, and North are the first contenders to join the 2-0 pool, where they will fight for two playoff spots this upcoming weekend in Kiev, Ukraine. As for the 0-2 elimination matches, there are a few surprising names in the mix, including BIG, compLexity Gaming, and HellRaisers.

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In today’s losers’ matches, a couple of upsets went down, such as TyLoo besting HR on Overpass with the help of Kevin “xccurate” Susanto and Renegades defeating coL on Mirage. OpTic Gaming also destroyed BIG in their own 1-0 match, with Rene “cajunb” Borg leading the pack at 23 frags. Despite being quarterfinalists at the FACEIT London Major late last month, coL, BIG, and HR are on the brink of elimination in Kiev.

Swiss Format Round Two

1-0 Matches

  • ENCE Esports won Train 16-12 vs. The Imperial
  • Mousesports won Nuke 16-1 vs. CyberZen
  • Fragsters won Dust II 16-11 over Gambit Esports
  • NRG Esports won Inferno 16-12 over North

0-1 Matches

  • OpTic Gaming won Inferno 16-2 vs. BIG
  • Renegades won Mirage 16-9 vs. compLexity Gaming
  • Vega Squadron won Mirage 16-12 vs. Sprout Esports
  • TyLoo won Overpass 16-11 vs. HellRaisers

StarSeries Season Six will commence tomorrow at 3am CT, featuring a match between BIG and coL, which is the first losers match of the day. There will be two 2-0 winners matches, two 0-2 losers matches, and four 1-1 matches to cap off the competition in day three.