EDG Worlds Diary: Day 6 Blog [Translation] (ft. Defeat and Koro)

EDG: Worlds Diary (Day 6) Original Post: http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603894167028767448 About the Author: Author: EDG Sam (?

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EDG: Worlds Diary (Day 6)

Original Post: http://www.weibo.com/p/1001603894167028767448

About the Author:

Author: EDG Sam (??)

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Name: Kelvin

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Day 6: Defeat

Writing a diary entry when you’ve just lost is the hardest. In the cruel world of E-sports, if you don’t win then your words are worthless. If we wan’t to win Worlds, there’s going to be a lot more difficulties for us to overcome along the way.

The majority of fans are looking for two things from my diary today. They wan’t an explanation for the loss to SKT, especially in terms of our composition, play-style, and where it all went wrong. The second question is why we aren’t playing Koro.

As for our post-match analysis, I can’t reveal much. I’ll merely let you know some of my own thoughts. The biggest mistake occurred during the lane-swap in the early game. Both sides decided to prioritise different things with our side focusing on the Dragon for its bonus. This decision resulted in the wave pushing away from us in the Top Lane. The enemy Renekton not only had the extra gold from pushing the turret with his duo lane, but also had around two waves of extra experience. This lane-swap resulted in our Toplaner being behind in both experience and gold. Also, since our bot-lane decided not to push down the turret, we found ourselves behind in terms of team gold. After we killed SKT’s midlaner, our decision-making was not decisive enough. As a result, we ended up giving them a large lead at the dragon fight. Personally, after the failed fight at dragon, the game was already over for me. 

SKT made very little mistakes that game and were able to snowball their lead to victory.

As for the second question that you guys wan’t to know about I’ll try my best to provide a complete answer. To those saying: “I don’t think Koro is any worse than AJ, why won’t you let him start?” I wan’t to ask: “How do you know that?” To those of you who keep asking us to “give Koro back”, well Koro’s actually mine. EDG, from it’s founding till now, has always tried its best to prepare for matches. We will lose some games. However, we will not allow ourselves to lose focus. Every position on the team needs to be earned through hard work. The first part of the group stage matches has finished and we now have a short time to rest and recuperate. As for the starting lineup going forward, we’ll have to see after scrim results and evaluations by our coaching staff.

It’s getting late now. Tomorrow I will spend some time off to chat with you guys on stream. If there’s time, I’ll invite a few of the players over as well. I’d like to apologise for failing to deliver a victory for you guys. There are still many areas we’re looking to improve.

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